Illegal Immigration
Season 3 Episode 8: Illegal Immigration – Compassion Without Wisdom Makes You What?
Are you tired of Virtue Signaling over illegal immigration. Are you tired of modern-day Pharisees who preach the false gospel of an open border. Are you tired of PRETEND Compassion. I am!
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    ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: Fake Compassion, Blind Compassion, or Wise Compassion

    I’m tired of all the hollowed Virtue Signaling over illegal immigration. I’m tired of modern-day Pharisees who preach the false gospel of an open border. I’m tired of FAKE compassion; of PRETEND Compassion.

    Aren’t you?

    Romans 12:9 says, “Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them.”

    There are 3 kinds of compassion we see these days.

    1. FAKE (PRETEND) compassion.
    2. Blind compassion.
    3. Wise compassion.

    The first is false.

    The second is deceptive.

    The third empowers you—and others.

    Today I want to talk about the differences between the 3.

    I’m Brad Bright. Welcome to the God is the Issue podcast, where we show how GOD is the issue — in every issue.

    In Matthew 10:16 Jesus commanded his disciples to “be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

    How does that apply to illegal immigration? It means we must show compassion, BUT we MUST do it with wisdom. Compassion without WISDOM makes you what?  A FOOL.  Don’t be a fool.

    Jesus instructs us to aid the poor and the downtrodden. Jesus calls us to help the stranger. Jesus commands us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

    That means, we must help the illegal immigrantthe sex slavethe fentanyl addictthe Mexican citizens who are being terrorized and killed by the cartels, fellow Americans who struggle to find a job because they have to compete with foreigners, and taxpayers who have to pay to feed and house foreigners next door while struggling to feed their own children.

    WISE compassion considers all the above.

    Simultaneously, wise compassion demands that we must stop:

    • the cartels,
    • the rapists,
    • the perverts,
    • the sex traffickers,
    • the cop killers,
    • the haters,
    • and the corrupt politicians.

    Regrettably, we see a lot of hypocritical PRETEND compassion, FAKE compassion today.

    For example:

    • Cities tout themselves as Sanctuary Cities, then tell illegal immigrants to go away.
    • Vacuous slogans like, “No human is illegal,” seduce the foolish.
    • Politicians shamelessly exploit illegal immigrants to simply to gratify their LUST — for power. 

    More on these later.

    Why do we even need talk about such things? Because the first step in solving any problem is to first be brutally honest about the problem itself. This podcast is about being brutally honest.

    Until we recognize that BLIND compassion (good intentions) are not enough. Until we recognize that FAKE compassion simply masks hidden political agendas, we will never solve the challenges created by illegal immigration in a compassionate way.

    In this 2-part of this series we will consider solutions that address 2 questions:

              Is it biblical?
              Is it fair? 

    We will never be able to help everyone, but that’s no excuse to not do what we can. And we can do a lot.

    America needs immigrants who want to

    •      work hard,
    •      better themselves,
    •      raise their families,
    •      and contribute,

    largely because abortion has erased close to 50 million unborn babies in the US.

    But before we go there, we must clearly understand the problem.

    Today, we are going to look at examples of FAKE compassion and BLIND compassion.

    And then, we are going to look at examples of political agendas driving FAKE compassion.

    But we must be compassionate with a side of “shrewd” as Jesus commanded.

    So, let’s take an look under the hood.


    The most OBVIOUS example of FAKE compassion are Sanctuary Cities and States who turn away migrants, or who whine about having to give them refuge.

    If you’re the mayor of Chicago, New York, or Martha’s Vineyard, it used to be easy to appear virtuous.

    • Texas paid the bills;
    • Texas towns were overrun;
    • Texas schools had to accommodate the children of foreigners.
    • Texas suffered the consequences.

    But when Pretend Sanctuary cities suddenly had to make sacrifices, they squealed like little pigs. Martha’s Vineyard claimed to be a sanctuary city. But when illegal immigrants showed up at their doorstep, they whisked them off to a military base. Who knows where they were shipped from there. New York City escorted many illegal immigrants out of the city. Chicago quietly booted them out as well.

    So much for compassion.

    Let me paraphrase the words of Jesus for these modern-day PRETENDERS:

    “Woe to you mayors of sanctuary cities! Woe to you governors of sanctuary states! Woe to you rich elites in Martha’s Vineyard. You sound so virtuous while foreigners overrun Texas, but you SQUEAL like unclean pigs when they ask YOU for refuge. Hypocrites!”

    It’s easy to LOOK virtuous when someone else’ son dies of a drug overdose.

    It’s easy to SOUND virtuous when a stranger’s daughter is drugged, raped and sex trafficked.

    It’s easy to APPEAR virtuous when the education of someone else’s child is compromised.

    But it’s not quite so easy when reality comes knocking on your front door, is it?

    FAKE Compassion quickly DIES when put to the test.

    FAKE Compassion may like a chocolate chip cookie, but it tastes like cow manure for those who have to eat it.


    Another very creative example of FAKE compassion is the slogan, “No Human Is Illegal.” It’s a SEDUCTIVE MANTRA slapped on a t-shirt, with a very, very dark side.

    The slogan, “No human is illegal” means any human who wants to come into the US should be allowed to come in. That sounds like the pinnacle of compassion, doesn’t it?

    But is it?

    • Not if you’re the 14-year-old girl being drugged, raped and sex trafficked.
    • Not if you’re the mother of a dead fentanyl addict.
    • Not if you’re a Mexican citizen living in mortal fear of the cartels.
    • Not if you’re the children of a dead cop.

    Some humans should be illegal.

    Let me ask you:

    • Are rapists human?
    • Are sex traffickers human?
    • Are pedophiles human?
    • Are terrorists human?
    • Are fentanyl cooks human?
    • Are cop killers human?
    • Are racists human?

    Should we roll out the red carpet for them simply because “No human is illegal?”

    I rest my case.

    But that is the fundamental problem with the current OPEN BORDERS policy.

    It seems the “No Human is Illegal” advocates want to change the poem on the Statue of Liberty to:

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your drug dealers, your terrorists, your rapists yearning to be free. I lift my lamp beside the trampled golden door.”

    Is that what the Statue of Liberty is all about? Of course not.

    The “No Human is Illegal” slogan is FAKE compassion. With its right hand it seems to extend compassion; with its left hand it doles out violence and despair.

    It is designed to seduce good people like you.


    • Good intentions will never restore the innocence of a young girl forced into prostitution.
    • Good intentions will not resurrect a dead cop or border patrolman.
    • Good intentions will not cure or resurrect a fentanyl addict.
    • Good intentions will not keep out evil humans.

    So, the next time someone says, “No human is illegal,” give their words their FULL meaning:

         “No Rapist Is Illegal.”

         “No Pedophile is Illegal.”

    Don’t be seduced by a “feel-good” mantra on a t-shirt. Don’t be seduced by FAKE compassion.

    Now let me give you an unfortunate example of BLIND compassion.

    • Good heart.
    • No wisdom.


    In 2016, Pope Francis said the US shouldn’t build a wall at our Southern Border. He said building walls isn’t very “Christian.”

    So, here is my question:

    How is a high border wall on the southern edge of the Vatican State, “CHRISTIAN,” but a high border wall on the southern edge of the United States not “CHRISTIAN?” Can anyone explain that to me?

    The Pope has now had over 7 years to remove the wall on the southern border of the Vatican State.

    It’s still there.

    The only differences I see are the length of the wall, and WHO is being asked to make sacrifices.

    It’s always easier to be generous with someone else’s wealth and resources than your own.

    If it were anyone else other than the Pope, I would assume it was FAKE compassion.

    However, I have a difficult time believing that to be true about the Pope.

    I could be wrong.

    But I think it is simply BLIND compassion.

    Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

    Folks, I’m not usually this harsh. But enough is enough. I’ve heard a lot of FAKE compassion and BLIND compassion but seen very little WISE compassion. The “No Human is Illegal” folks  are not going to solve this problem. The corrupt Sanctuary movement isn’t going to lead us out of this problem. And I seriously doubt Pope Francis is going to MODEL his own advice.

    But let’s talk for a moment about what is driving much of the FAKE Compassion.

    During my years in politics, I learned the real agenda is often radically different from the rhetoric. I learned that most politicians talk about “We The People,” but could care less about the person standing in front of them.

    I learned that Power is a real addiction. As real an addiction to alcohol, drugs, porn, gambling, sex, or money. In Washington DC, it is REAL!

    It is the lust for POWER that is driving FAKE compassion.

    Let me give you one of the more transparent RUSES that piggy back on illegal immigration.

    For those of you who paid close attention in your American Civics class, this should be easy.

    For the rest of you, listen carefully.

    1. The Presidency is determined by whomever wins the Electoral College.

    2. Electoral College votes are determined by the number of congressional seats each state has.

    3. Congressional seats are currently allotted based on the TOTAL population in the state, Americans and foreigners combined.

    4. There were an estimated 16.8 million illegal immigrants in the US as of June of 2023.

    5.  That equals roughly 22 seats in Congress, and also 22 electoral votes for President.

    6. That means, even if none of these foreigners vote, they could potentially shift the balance of power in the Congress by 22 seats, and even change who is elected President.

    In political and cultural terms, that’s a TSUNAMI. That’s a GAME CHANGER.

    Now, let me add two additional facts:

    Shortly after Biden took office, he signed an executive order allowing illegal immigrants to enter and reside in the US rather than Mexico until their cases could be heard. This immediately swelled the numbers of illegal immigrants living in the US.

    He also signed another executive order requiring the US Census Bureau to count EVERYONE living in the US, including FOREIGNERSwhich then determines:

    • how many Congressional seats each state is assigned,
    • and the number of electoral votes each state casts for President.

    In other words, we are talking about illegal immigrants (foreigners) potentially altering the outcomes of Presidential and Congressional elections without casting a single vote.

    That’s two very major LEVERS OF POWER.

    The critical question is:

    Do you believe Biden and his advisors  did not know how that could ALTER congressional elections and the Presidential election when he signed those two executive orders?

    It’s FAKE compassion exploiting illegal immigration in order to influence future elections. And this is just one example of many.

    There are two kinds of compassion in the world — wise and unwise.

    Then there is FAKE compassion which really isn’t compassion at all.

    So, the next time someone gets all emotional, trying to shame you, quietly ask yourself, is this an example of:

    •           Fake compassion?
    •           Blind compassion?
    •           or Wise compassion?

    Jesus said, we are to be “as shrewd as snakes but as innocent as doves.” That includes the issue of illegal immigration. Be compassionate, but be wise. 

    In part 2 of this series, we will discuss:

    - Biblical insights pertaining to the issue of illegal immigration,

    - What wise compassion might potentially look like,

    - and what you can do right where you are!

    I hope you will join me.

    Remember, God is the issue in every issue — especially in the conversation about illegal immigration, compassion, and wisdom.

    This is Brad Bright. Thanks for joining me. If you found this podcast helpful, please like, subscribe or share.

    God Bless

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