Whether your relationship with Christ is new or you've been a Christian for years, one thing is true:  Every human problem we face can be traced to our view of God--in our personal life and in the culture.

We spend a lot of time, money and effort attempting to fix ourselves and the culture.  We wonder why we can't fix our innermost broken parts or societal ills. All the while, the real crises is, our view of God just barely scratches the surface--like a massive iceberg barely peeking its cap above water.


Make GOD the Issue in your life

We want to help you consistently experience the joy, peace and power Jesus promised.  Your relationship with God is the key.  It is impossible to truly love, trust or obey a God you do not know.  That is why Bill Bright wrote, GOD, Who Are You Anyway?.  He said it is one of his greatest contributions to the body of Christ.

For instance, when faced with a problem, struggle or lack of faith--ask yourself:

"What attribute of God am I struggling to believe is true in this circumstance?" (His love, mercy, faithfulness, sovereignty, power...)

In GOD, Who Are You Anyway? you will discover the attributes and character of God as well as how they shape your relationship with Him.


Make GOD the Issue in the culture

God is THE issue in culture as well!  It's important for God's people to oppose cultural ills. However, if we do not make God THE issue, we cannot win.

In his book, God is the Issue, Brad Bright shows you how to quit reacting defensively by making God THE issue in compelling ways.

Brad's blogs analyze and reframe current issues.  

His videos on the God is the Issue page will show you how to turn conversations about cultural issues into opportunities to make God the issue.

GOD really is the central issue of life.  Our view of God determines what we believe, how we treat others, what we watch, how we spend our time and money, and even how we vote.  GOD is THE issue!