God Who Are You Anyway

Discover who GOD really is and why it matters!

Jesus promised us His joy and peace.  If that is not your normal daily experience then either Jesus lied or you missed something.

The amazing secret of life is this--the more we focus on trying to change ourselves, the more frustrated we often become.  The more we focus on who God really is--the more we change in response.

We can only trust someone to the degree to which we know them--including God.  That is why Bill Bright said, "The most important thing to teach another believer is the attributes of God."

For most of us, our view of God only scratches the surface.  So how do you deepen your view of God?  By focusing on His attributes and character.  GOD, Who Are You Anyway? is your guide.

We want to help you know God better!  Let's start by exploring each of the attributes below and discover why each one matters to you!  Go deeper.  Discover who God really is!

Attributes  (click on an attribute and get to know Him better!)



Brad Bright and Bill Bright

My dad's bio is impressive.  But to me, his most significant achievement was that he actually lived what he taught.  He was the same at home as he was before crowds.  The love of God he proclaimed in public, he demonstrated in the privacy of our home... even when his "active child" (me) constantly tested him!

Dad wrote the book, GOD:  Discover His Character, at the end of his life.  We have re-published it as, GOD, Who Are You Anyway?.  

He said he believed it would be one of his greatest contributions to the body of Christ.  

This, from the man who penned The Four Spiritual Laws (more than 2 billion printed to date) and produced The Jesus Film (7 billion viewings to date)!   Why? Bill Bright knew you can only trust someone to the degree to which you know them. This includes God. And if you don't fully trust God, the Christian life will not work for you.  It's that simple.

I re-edited the book and added some updated material to make it more interactive for the reader and small groups.  My name is on the cover because of those changes, but make no mistake, this is Bill Bright's message.  It is the key to his amazing life, put on paper so others can know and experience the God that he knew and experienced so deeply.

My dad didn't want his deep relationship with God to be the exception in the body of Christ.  He longed for it to be the rule.  It can be if God's people will know Him intimately so they can trust Him deeply.