Vonette Bright

It was four o’clock in the morning when nine soldiers with machine guns burst into the home of my friends serving Christ in their native Middle Eastern country.  The soldiers ransacked every room looking for evidence of Christian ministry.


Unbelievably, the terrified woman offered to serve the soldiers tea.


They took her husband into custody and ordered him to stop his ministry work.  With God’s strength and grace, he told the soldiers, “No.”  He would never stop telling others about Jesus Christ.


The soldiers then showed him graphic pictures of the torture they’d inflict to force him into compliance.  Again they asked if he’d stop.  He answered, “No.  And even if you take me to jail, I’ll tell people there about Christ.  If you let me go, on the outside I’ll people about Christ.”


The soldiers were perplexed about that to do.  After some thought, one finally said, “We noticed your wife if pregnant, so we’ll let you go.”  This soldier was one to whom the wife had served tea.  His heart had been softened.


However, the family was put under strict surveillance for the next six months.  Everyone who came to their home was interrogated, so eventually people stopped coming.  Although alone and isolated, the family kept their faith and consistently demonstrated the love of Christ.


One day, one of the most brutal interrogators came to their home asking for prayer.  The soldier’s pregnant wife had fallen down, causing her to lose the baby.  Also, his young son had developed a potentially fatal skin disease.


Part of this soldier’s job was to read confiscated materials.  As a result of reading one of the books, he placed his faith in Jesus Christ.  Today, he’s become one of this family’s best friends.


God began with a godly woman simply serving a cup of tea and ended with another soul for the kingdom.


“If your enemy is hungry, give him food to eat; if he is thirsty, give him water to drink” (Proverbs 25:21).


By Vonette Bright


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