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Making GOD the Issue - In our new Podcast

Join us as we discuss how our view of God determines what we think on all moral, cultural, and economic issues. It even determines on how we vote. Hope for the future of our country, and our world, lies in our ability to make GOD the issue in every issue.
God Who Are You Anyway Book


The Christian life will never work for you if you have small view of God. The reality is, we can trace all our human problems to our view of God. He’s bigger than you think! Go deeper.
God is the issue book


As a culture, our moral behavior can never rise above our view of God. Therefore, to win the culture war, we must make God THE issue in new and compelling ways.
First Love Book


Has your love for God run dry? Has busyness pushed God aside? In this short but powerful book, Bill Bright shows you the way home. This Christmas, it is our FREE GIFT to you.
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Featured Articles

Flag & fire works
Bill Bright |

Birth Of A Nation

A hush fell over the congregation as the distinguished Christian leader looked across the pulpit into the faces of the crowd. Raising his eyes toward the rafters, he cried out, ....

old lady cropped
Vonette Bright |

Don't Keep It To Yourself

Every Saturday, Susie goes to a nursing home and shares Christ with the residents.   One week, she met a 90-year-old woman named Margaret and shared the Gospel with her.  But Margaret wasn’t interested....

Bill Bright |

It works!

...In 1947, I was part of a seminary deputation team that spoke in a Los Angeles church. People came up afterward and complemented us. They said, “Oh, you are wonderful. You will make fine ministers.” But no one, as far as I know, was challenged to do anything for the Lord....

Vonette Bright |

The Holy Spirt, Brad and Me

...Our attitudes are a much more reliable gauge of our relationship with God.  I understood this clearly one afternoon years ago when I decided to mop the kitchen floor.  I had happily gone about the talk, but while the floor was drying, our younger son Brad...

American flag & cross
Bill Bright |

Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

Because of America’s moral and spiritual disintegration over the past fifty years, the Church must take immediate action to confront moral decay. But believers often ask, “Is it right for Christians to become involved in politics?”....

woman thinking
Vonette Bright |

Good Or Better?

It’s a temptation that confronts all of us.  You know what you should do, but what you want to do is something entirely different. Let me use a simple illustration to make a very serious point....

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