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Bill Bright's Quiet Sacrifice

“Apart from a direct calling from God, any man who was gone from his family as much as I, would be in sin.”  My dad, Bill Bright, who traveled 80% of the time during my growing up years, imparted that to me after I got married and started a family

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At Last, I Am Free!

“Dr. Bright!” she exclaimed. "The last six months have been the hardest months of my life, but at last I am free!”  Beaming from ear to ear, her words emphasized what her countenance had already announced.  Six months prior...
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When I hurt someone...

'You reacted in anger,' the thought seared the back of my mind. 'You didn’t take the time to listen to his concerns, and you were impatient. You hurt him...'
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Terrible Delusions

Many terrible delusions have come from misapplication of Scripture. How can we know that we are hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit—the only Spirit of Truth—and not some other voice? I would suggest...
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Are You Believing A Lie?

Karen placed her trust in Christ when she was a small child.  But when she was eleven-years old, her world dramatically changed.  A relative abused her, a younger brother died, and her family made a major move.  Confusion and pain became a part...
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Why Are We So Easily Deceived?

I believe there are four reasons why most people are deceived so frequently in life....
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No Fishing!

One day, two children got into big trouble!  The older child, Kelly, was given scissors to cut flowers for the table.  Her little brother went along to watch....
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The Power of Your Smile

At a London train station one day, a woman was stopped by an elderly man. “Excuse me, ma’am,” he said, “but I want to thank you for something.” “Thank me!” the women exclaimed. “Yes’m, I used to be...
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It Is Not I

St. Augustine’s influence on Christianity has been immense. Perhaps his influence is all the more powerful when you consider the struggles he had in his life....