Author, Speaker, Missionary

Kathy Bright was pursuing a MA degree in Vocal Performance at the University of Indiana when God abruptly interrupted her plans, calling her to follow the first passion of her heart:   helping women from the college campus, to the work place, to the home, discover who God really is and the transforming power of a dynamic personal relationship with Him.  She has been doing just that for the last 34 years.

When Kathy became a mother her passion took on a new dimension.  Her Father-in-Love, Bill Bright, often said, “We can trace all our human problems to our view of God”.  Kathy took that reality to heart and now focuses her energy on helping adults teach the children they love, who God really is and why it matters; establishing an unchanging moral compass to guide every choice they make in life.  .  

Kathy and her husband, Brad, co-authored 2 children’s books – Because God is Awesome! and Getting to Know Jesus for Little Ones.  Kathy also directed the writing and production of a Gospel booklet for children based on The Four Spiritual Laws entitled 4 Keys 4 Kids.

Kathy is mom to two amazing adult children and lives in Orlando, Florida with the man of her dreams, Brad Bright.