Season 3 Episode 7: Genius, with a side of Lunacy: ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Ad

In today's episode, Brad dives deep into the controversial Super Bowl ad that sparked a heated discussion among Christians.
24 Min 9 Sec

Season 3 Episode 6: Cancer: What I Did Right and What I Did Wrong

In this very candid and personal podcast, Brad gives an update on his cancer journey and the lessons learned along the way. If you, or someone you know is facing cancer, Brad hopes his suggestions and words of caution will help.
21 Min 39 Sec

Season 3 Episode 5: FoxNews Got it Wrong

You cannot believe everything Fox News, CNN, MSNBC or even your local newspaper tells you! And yet people do. Christians can be the worst offenders.
17 Min 31 Sec

Season 3 Episode 4: Is White Privilege Real or Fake and How Can Christians Respond?

Today we are asking two basic questions, Is White Privilege Real? And How should I respond if someone says, “All Whites have White Privilege.”
15 Min 10 Sec

Season 3 Episode 3: Only 5% of Church Goers Say the Christian Life is Working for Them. WHY?

Of all the podcasts I’ll do this year, this one is by far the most important. If you are not experiencing the Joy and Peace Jesus promised there is a reason why.
17 Min 22 Sec

Season 3 Episode 2: What if there are no good candidates?

PRAY. WORK. VOTE. It’s the beginning of a new election season. People are excited: politicians, reporters, and political junkies! But can you think of anyone else that is excited?
13 Min 8 Sec

Season 3 Episode 1: An Inconvenient Truth – “Follow the Science”

Brad Bright takes us on a journey, unraveling the evolution of the phrase "believe the science" and its connection to climate change, man-made global warming, and the current debate on gender.
9 Min 39 Sec

Season 2 Episode 34: Did Jesus Claim to be God? Woke? A Socialist?

In this episode of "God is the Issue," Brad Bright delves into the question of which Jesus we will celebrate this Christmas.
12 Min 36 Sec

Season 2 Episode 33: Hate is Not the Problem

Hate and Anger have become the hallmark of American culture. But the problem is not that there is too much darkness. The problem is there is not enough light.
15 Min 18 Sec

Season 2 Episode 32: The 2023 Grinch Awards!

Today I am giving the Grinch Award to a very deserving company.
15 Min 19 Sec