#1 GOD is the Issue—in EVERY Issue!

Is GOD really THE most important issue in the culture today? Bill Bright, founder of the largest Christian mission organization of the 20th century, said this: We can trace all our human problems to our view of God. Is that true? In this introductory
10 Min 57 Sec

#2 Fighting the Symptoms or Winning the War?

As a Christian in the midst of cancel culture, do you ever feel like you are playing Whack-a-mole, or like Don Quixote tilting with windmills? Abortion, homosexuality, transsexuality, divorce, racism, socialism, economics, illegal immigration, greed, pov
17 Min 13 Sec

#3 Jesus—the Master of Spin

Are you uncomfortable with the thought of Jesus as the “Master of Spin?” Most people are until they hear this message from Brad. You will be amazed at how shrewd Jesus was in “spinning” His message. You might just be inspired to apply His principles to
21 Min 24 Sec

#4 Abortion: Who does God love more?

The “Is it a Child or is it a Fetus?” debate is over. Even Whoopi Goldberg and Joe Biden recently referred to the fetus as a “child.” When an abortion is performed, a child dies. It is settled science. Therefore, the question we must answer is: Who does
24 Min 5 Sec

#5 Putin is a hero, only if…

Putin’s ruthless attempt to subjugate the people of Ukraine horrifies all but the most callous among us.
21 Min 21 Sec

#6 The Constitution is King

As Jim Brangenberg, the podcast host said, “I’ve never heard this before!”
22 min 37 sec

#7 Fighting the Culture War – Your First Duty as a Christian Citizen

The will to win is not enough.
26 min 41 sec

#8 Public Education Incubating Violence - Part 1

#1 of 2-part series: The Public school system, when first established the bible was the key literary resource and prayer was intricately involved in the school day.
21 Min 14 Sec

#9 Public Education Incubating Violence - Part 2

#2 of 2-part series: What consequences do we have to face? What's the solution, and how can we bring God back into the picture?
24 Min 54 Sec

#10 Segregation of Church and State

America has kicked religion to the back of the bus.
27 Min 13 Sec