The Greatest Tragedy
Season 3 Episode 13: The Greatest Tragedy in Life
What do you think the greatest tragedy for the follower of Jesus is? Several years ago, my brother gave his surprising answer to this question. I have never forgotten what he said.
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    0:01  finish this sentence the greatest tragedy in life is
    0:06  when I think in the past I would have
    0:08  said the greatest tragedy of life is
    0:10  when a parent loses a child or or when a
    0:12  young child loses their parents but a
    0:15  few years ago my brother said the
    0:17  greatest tragedy in life is when we stop talking to God
    0:20  now what he meant was is
    0:23  for the Christian the greatest tragedy
    0:26  in life is when we stop talking to God
    0:30  I had never heard anyone say that before
    0:31  but the more I thought about it the more it made sense
    0:33  this is Brad Bright
    0:36  welcome to the God is the issue podcast where I
    0:38  show how God is the issue in every issue
    0:42  if you're a Christian what would
    0:44  you say was the greatest moment in your life
    0:46  getting married having your first child
    0:49  or becoming a child of God
    0:52  now let me ask you three more related questions
    0:54  what happens when you
    0:56  stop talking to your spouse or your
    0:58  spouse stops talking to you the
    1:00  relationship dies right what happens
    1:02  when you stop talking to your child or
    1:04  your child stops talking to you again
    1:07  the relationship dies
    1:08  so what happens when you stop
    1:11  talking to God the relationship dies now
    1:15  folks I'm not talking about your salvation
    1:17  I'm talking about experiencing
    1:19  the joy and peace of your salvation I'm
    1:22  talking about how to make the Christian Life
    1:25  work folks if you're not talking with
    1:27  God throughout the day I already know
    1:29  the Christian Life life is not working
    1:30  for you because the Christian Life is
    1:32  simply a relationship with the Living
    1:34  God and good relationships require good
    1:38  communication so if the most important
    1:40  relationship in your life is your
    1:42  relationship with God and if it is true
    1:45  that if you stop talking to God your
    1:47  relationship with him will die then
    1:49  what's the greatest tragedy for a
    1:50  Christian it's when we stop talking to
    1:53  God you see God created us for
    1:55  relationship with him so the more you
    1:58  talk with God the more your relationship
    2:00  goes the less you talk with God the more
    2:03  your relationship dies so that's a great
    2:05  reason to talk with God isn't it that's
    2:08  how you make the Christian Life work
    2:10  however there are many other good
    2:11  reasons to talk with God let me ask you
    2:14  who's more powerful you or God is there
    2:17  power in prayer no there's not prayer is
    2:20  simply talking with God the power is in
    2:23  the one to whom we pray you see God can
    2:25  do more in the blink of an eye than you
    2:27  or I can do in an entire lifetime
    2:30  my mom and dad launched Campus Crusade for Christ
    2:32  on the UCLA campus in 1951 that spring
    2:35  they tried to launch it twice and twice they failed miserably
    2:40  no one responded to the gospel
    2:42  after a lot of soul searching
    2:44  that dawned on them that they had been
    2:46  working hard but not praying just as
    2:49  hard so they organized a 24-hour prayer
    2:51  train they got everyone praying and that
    2:53  fall my dad went and spoke in one of the
    2:55  leading sororities on campus the women
    2:57  responded overwhelmingly the next night
    2:59  the same same thing happened that fall
    3:01  campus Crusade for Christ exploded onto
    3:04  the campus scene folks that's why we
    3:08  should pray that's just another reason
    3:11  that the greatest tragedy in life is
    3:12  when we stop talking to God not just
    3:14  because the relationship dies but
    3:16  because we can accomplish very little of
    3:18  real value on our own see God's a lot
    3:21  more powerful than we
    3:23  are but what's another reason to talk to
    3:25  God well let me ask you who's smarter
    3:27  you or God do you remember the story of
    3:31  the Israelites in Joshua chapter 9 God
    3:34  had commanded the Israelites to wipe out
    3:36  the inhabitants of the land because of
    3:37  their sin however the
    3:42  Gibeonites who were nearby
    3:44  Joshua and the leader swore an oath to the
    3:47  Gibeonites guaranteeing they would not
    3:49  wipe them out three days later they
    3:51  found out they'd been conned but it was
    3:53  too late the Gibeonites
    3:56  Joshua the leader of God's people if Joshua
    4:00  had just talked with God first he would
    4:03  not have been duped have you ever been
    4:05  fooled can you think of anything in your
    4:07  life that might be different today if
    4:09  you had talked with God
    4:10  first well my my wife's little sister
    4:13  Paula hit her years she went wild she
    4:15  would sneak out she would lie like a pro
    4:18  finally her mom who was a new believer
    4:21  asked God to show her every time Paula
    4:24  lied or snuck out from that day forward
    4:28  Paula would get caught every time time
    4:30  and often in very unexpected ways
    4:33  finally Paula went to her mom and said I
    4:36  give up I can't fight against you and
    4:40  God have you ever been fooled I'm
    4:44  guessing you didn't talk to God about it
    4:45  first I've been guilty of that James 1:15
    4:48  says if any of you lacks wisdom you
    4:50  should ask God and it will be given to
    4:53  you can you think of pain you might have
    4:56  avoided if you had talked with God about
    4:57  it first you see the greatest tragedy in
    4:59  life is when we stop talking to
    5:02  God now here's another reason to talk
    5:04  with God who knows the future you or God
    5:07  what happens when you fire before you aim
    5:09  what happens when you act before you
    5:12  pray which is do you think is wiser to
    5:14  pray and then plan or the plan and then
    5:16  pray you see if God knows the future and
    5:19  you don't why would you act without
    5:21  praying first once again the greatest
    5:24  tragedy in life is when we stop talking
    5:26  to God and here's one more reason to
    5:28  talk with God
    5:30  if you succeed without God's help who
    5:33  gets the
    5:35  glory I remember a number of years ago I
    5:37  was trying to launch a new project I
    5:38  tried three times and each time it
    5:40  failed it failed miserably it fell flat
    5:42  finally one evening I got down on my
    5:44  knees beside my bed and poured out my
    5:46  frustration to God and then I started
    5:49  listening and here's what God said he
    5:53  said Brad you've been working really
    5:55  hard to get this launched haven't you
    5:56  and I said responded Yes Lord I have and
    5:59  again he asked you've been working
    6:01  really really really hard to get this
    6:03  launched haven't you and again I
    6:04  responded Yes Lord I
    6:06  have and then he asked the clincher
    6:10  he said if you had succeeded who would have
    6:12  gotten the credits me or
    6:16  you and folks then it dawned on me I'd
    6:19  been working hard but I hadn't been
    6:21  praying hard I would have gotten the
    6:23  credit you see God loves me but he does
    6:26  not share his glory with me you know
    6:28  likewise if my dad had succeed and
    6:29  launching Campus Crusade for Christ
    6:31  without really praying about it first
    6:34  who would have gotten the
    6:35  credit you see if you act without
    6:38  praying aren't you in effect saying God
    6:41  I've got this I don't really need you is
    6:45  that really what you want to communicate to
    6:48  God the greatest tragedy in life is when
    6:52  we stop talking to God but here is what
    6:55  I know and I know it's often true most
    6:58  people don't pray because either they
    7:00  don't have confidence that God will
    7:01  answer or they feel like they don't know
    7:04  how to pray if either of those describe
    7:06  you please go to and
    7:08  download your free copy of how you can
    7:10  pray with confidence my dad wrote it a
    7:12  number of years
    7:14  ago but now let's move on from the
    7:16  personal application of the of why we
    7:17  should pray to the cultural application
    7:19  if the greatest tragedy in life in the
    7:22  life of a Christian is when you we stop
    7:24  praying don't you think the same would
    7:26  be true for our nation you know you can
    7:28  only blame the secular progresses for
    7:30  America's problems if you think they are
    7:32  more powerful than God otherwise the
    7:35  buck buck stops with us let me ask you
    7:38  when was the last time you asked God to
    7:39  bring Spiritual Awakening to
    7:41  America if we're serious shouldn't we be
    7:44  asking him every day over 40 years ago
    7:47  my dad wrote a booklet called your five
    7:49  duties as a Christian citizen we updated
    7:51  it a few years ago and renamed it your
    7:52  seven duties as a Christian citizen it's
    7:54  a very practical guide to cultural and
    7:56  political engagement for a Christian
    7:58  Living in America it talks about getting
    8:00  informed voting helping to elect godly
    8:02  people but do you know what the first duty
    8:05  is to pray pray that God will bring
    8:09  Spiritual Awakening to
    8:12  America what's the core problem in
    8:14  America today is it the economy
    8:16  inflationary spending foreign policy
    8:18  climate change immigration immorality
    8:20  abortion homosexuality transgenders
    8:22  broken families dads
    8:25  racism no the core problem is our view
    8:28  of God we can trace all our societal
    8:31  problems to our view of God as a nation
    8:34  I challenge you to start asking this one
    8:36  question if we had a Biblical view of
    8:38  God how would it affect how we view
    8:41  inflationary spending racism illegal
    8:43  immigration abortion and fatherhood and
    8:46  the list goes on if our view of God is
    8:48  our core problem then Spiritual
    8:51  Awakening is the only solution can can
    8:53  you bring Spiritual Awakening to America
    8:56  I can't but God can so if you're you're
    8:59  trying to fix America without talking to
    9:01  God about America how successful do you
    9:04  think you will be you can't even fix
    9:06  yourself so how on Earth are you do you
    9:08  think you can fix America without
    9:09  without asking God to act folks before
    9:12  you ever Vote or volunteer or contact
    9:15  your Senator or write a check your first
    9:17  duty is to pray ask God for Wisdom ask
    9:20  God to act in the 1980s I work for US senator
    9:24  Bill Armstrong of Colorado and in
    9:26  private here is what he said as a US
    9:28  senator can't turn America around I
    9:31  can't even stop the slide the best I can
    9:33  do is slow it down think about that a
    9:37  God-fearing United States Senator said
    9:40  that do you want to win or lose the
    9:42  culture War I assure you if you're not
    9:45  praying you're losing you're not smart
    9:47  enough to fix America you're not
    9:48  powerful enough to fix America and
    9:50  neither am I and despite popular opinion
    9:53  folks not even Donald Trump is powerful
    9:56  enough to fix America the only solution
    9:58  is for God to intervene so we need to
    10:01  ask and not ask just once but ask every
    10:03  day for our country our economy our
    10:05  culture our leaders our churches for our
    10:08  families for our neighbors and for
    10:12  ourselves by the way on May 22nd we will
    10:15  be celebrating the National Day of
    10:16  Prayer I encourage you to participate go
    10:19  to the National Day of Prayer website to
    10:20  find out how you can join in prayer with
    10:22  other Christians who are concerned about
    10:24  the future of America 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says
    10:29  pray without ceasing how do you do
    10:33  that may I make a suggestion ask
    10:35  yourself the following question 30 times
    10:38  every day for the next month here's the
    10:41  question have I prayed about this yet
    10:44  make a sign that says have I prayed
    10:45  about this yet put it on your desk on
    10:47  your kitchen caner tape it to your
    10:48  bathroom mirror or to your dashboard you
    10:50  see the greatest tragedy in life is when
    10:53  we stop talking with God so as Mark
    10:55  Wahlberg says stay prayed up see God is
    10:59  the issue in every issue especially
    11:01  prayer because prayer is nothing more
    11:05  than talking with God
    11:06  himself this is Brad Bright thanks for
    11:09  joining me today if you found this
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    11:13  share God bless and stay prayed up

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