Vonette Bright

With her Bible before her, Carolyn bent over a table in a bookstore.  She was engrossed in the prayer she was writing in her journal.  Then she heard a barely audible voice.  She glanced up to see a very old man standing over her.  She noticed that his wrinkled clothes didn’t match.


“I see we serve the same Lord” the man said, smiling.  Soon he was sitting at Carolyn’s table, making polite conversation.  Then he leaned forward and asked, “Do you know what I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday?  I go to the hospital and pass out tracts.  Then I go to McDonalds and pass out more tracts.”


His smile never faded as he continued, “I can tell you the gospel in 30 seconds.  Want to hear it?”  Carolyn had warmed up to the man.  “We had a debt we could not pay,” he began, “that debt was hell.  But Jesus paid our debt, and now we can spend eternity in heaven with Him.”


This man was in love with Jesus Christ.  No one was telling him he needed to spend time reading his Bible or sharing his faith.  He told Carolyn that he’s making most of the time he has left on earth.


Before he left the bookstore, the old man returned to encourage Carolyn once more.  “Two things I want to leave with you,” he said, “Jesus tells us in John 15 to abide in Him, and we will bear fruit and to follow Him and He will make us fishers of men.  Two things, abide in Him and follow Him.”  Then he walked away, Carolyn believes God sent that old man to encourage her.


Friend, as you abide in Jesus, you will be compelled to follow Him and tell others about Him.  In so doing, you will glorify God and will accomplish His work for you while you are here on earth.


“[Jesus says,] “Remain in me, and I will remain in you.  No branch can bear fruit by itself, it must remain in the vine.  Neither can you ber fruit unless you remain in me.”  -John 15:4


By Vonette Bright


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