Peace in Despair

Dark and dirty and housing almost seven thousand inmates, the 300-year-old Russian prison was a picture of despair. As Ward approached cell number sixteen, a very small metal flap was unlocked by the guard.  Immediately, a face appeared.  “The face stunned me,” Ward said...

GOD Never Sleeps

A mother and her 4-year-old daughter were preparing to retire for the night.  The child was afraid of the dark, and the mother, on this occasion alone with the child, also felt fearful.

After the light was turned out, the child glimpsed the moon outside the window.

Darkness or Light?

President Abraham Lincoln was asked during the Civil War if God was on the side of the Union.   Lincoln replied that the larger question was whether the Union was on God’s side.  Are you on God’s side today?

Despite all the choices and philosophies strewn about the landscape of our time, there remain only two kingdoms:  the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness—the kingdom of God and the realms dominated by Satan.  Ultimately, we all decide whether to walk in the light or in the darkness.