Was it Coincidence or Was it God
Season 3 Episode 12: Was It Coincidence Or Was It God?
Join me as I share personal stories that will leave you pondering: was it coincidence or was it God? From divine interventions to unexpected provisions, these stories will challenge your perspective and encourage your faith.
16 Min 22 Sec

    God's power and provision told through stories.

    0:00 is your God too

    0:01 small when is the last time you saw God

    0:05 do something in your life so incredible

    0:07 that it just left you in awe

    0:10 today I'm just going to tell some

    0:13 God stories from my own experience from

    0:15 times that God just left me in awe when

    0:18 it was either incredible

    0:22 coincidence or it was God you know if

    0:25 something of a great coincidence just

    0:27 happens once you can kind of ride it off

    0:29 as coincidence but when things happened again

    0:32 and again and

    0:34 again that's hard to write off as a

    0:37 coincidence hi my name is Brad Bright

    0:39 this is the god is the issue podcast

    0:41 where we show how God is the issue in

    0:44 every issue I grew up with a dad who

    Faith in the face of deadly danger

    0:47 believed God for incredible things his

    0:49 name was Bill Bright. He was the founder

    0:51 of Campus Crusade for Christ I remember

    0:54 growing up him telling stories you know

    0:55 when I was a child of things that God

    0:58 had done and they would leave me and a I

    1:01 remember one story he told he had been

    1:02 over in an Asian country and he was

    1:04 scheduled to speak that night at a big

    1:06 Meeting Hall and he had heard that there

    1:09 might be some radicals coming to Stone

    1:11 him that was the rumor so he arrived

    1:13 that night and he went up on stage to

    1:15 speak and sure enough number of men

    1:18 around in the audience stood up with

    1:19 stone in their stones in their hands and

    1:21 he immediately stopped speaking and he

    1:23 asked the audience he said would you

    1:25 join me in singing praise to God and at

    1:28 the moment they started is singing every

    1:31 one of those men who had Stone and their

    1:32 stones in their hands fled from the room

    1:36 fled as though they were being chased by

    1:38 fire you see that's the power of God is

    1:41 that coincidence or is it God and I

    1:43 remember him telling so many other

    1:45 stories over the years stories about how

    1:47 God had provided financially stories

    1:49 about how God had opened the doors for

    1:51 the gospel to go forward in areas that

    1:54 had not been open to the gospel for

    1:55 hundreds and hundreds of

    1:58 years those were the stories I grew up

    2:01 with and yet as I as I grew into a young

    2:04 man I thought you know I know that if my

    2:07 dad believes God for something I know

    2:10 it's going to

    2:11 happen but what about for me will God do

    2:16 that for me

    2:18 too I'll bet you some of you out there

    2:20 listening have asked that very same

    2:23 question you say I know God is all

    2:25 powerful I know God can do anything but

    2:28 will he do those things

    2:31 me folks today I'm just going to tell

    2:34 stories from my own experience of when I

    2:36 saw God do those things for me starting

    The prayer of a child: Unforgettable vacation

    2:40 with when I was a young child when I was

    2:42 eight or nine years old I decided that

    2:46 as a family we needed to go to Hawaii we

    2:48 needed a family vacation in Hawaii and

    2:50 so during our family devotion time I

    2:53 started praying that God would send us

    2:56 on vacation to Hawaii now I I I knew we

    2:59 didn't have the money mom and dad had

    3:00 chosen to be in full-time Ministry they

    3:02 had chosen to live a modest lifestyle so

    3:05 we didn't have the funds to go vacation

    3:07 in Hawaii I knew that however I kept

    3:10 praying and Mom and Dad said later on

    3:12 they said you know we kind of cringed

    3:14 inside because we thought we're not sure

    3:17 that's the kind of prayer that God

    3:18 usually answers and they didn't want to

    3:21 see me to be disappointed in God but you

    3:24 know what it was shortly after started

    3:25 praying this prayer at Family devotions

    3:27 a friend of my dad came to him and said, Bill

    3:31 we'd like to send you on a family

    3:32 vacation to Hawaii folks one of the best

    vacations of my life I remember it to

    3:40 this day so let me ask you was that

    3:45 coincidence or was it

    3:47 God the next story I've told many many

    The panic prayer of a college student

    3:51 times because it was it was a watershed

    3:53 moment in my life when I realized God

    3:55 really was listening but it was when I

    3:56 was a freshman in college 

    3:58 college up in Chicago and I remember

    4:00 Christmas time and I was flying home and

    4:02 so I arrived at O'Hare Airport and I

    4:05 walked in and that airport was packed

    4:08 wall to wall with people it's the most

    4:10 most packed airport I've ever seen in my

    4:12 entire life before or since and I walked

    4:15 in I thought this is not good but I

    4:17 didn't know what to do so I just went

    4:18 and got in line to to get my ticket to

    4:20 get on on the plane and I was standing

    4:23 there I realized you know what I'm not

    4:26 going to make this plane and so out of

    4:29 just p panic I prayed Lord I need 10

    4:31 more minutes and I looked up at the

    4:33 board and it went click that was in the

    4:36 days when they they weren't all digital

    4:39 went click and the flight had been

    4:40 delayed 10 minutes and I went oh

    4:45 cool and so I was standing there a

    4:47 little longer in line and and waiting I

    4:49 realized I'm still not going to make

    4:50 this plane so once again I prayed a pay

    4:54 prayer of panic folks I maybe it was

    4:57 Faith but it was it was panic and I said

    4:59 Lord I need 10 more minutes I looked at

    5:03 the board and it went

    5:04 click the flight was delayed another 10

    5:07 minutes and I went oh that's not cool

    5:10 that's amazing and what I realized was

    5:14 God was listening and God cared about me

    5:18 God wanted to have a

    5:20 relationship with me and it was just a

    5:22 little way of him saying Brad I'm here I

    5:25 got it but my question for you is was

    5:28 that coincidence

    5:30 or was that God about 10 years later I

    5:34 was living in Atlanta and I was running

    5:36 a foundation it was a foundation to try

    5:38 to develop private sector alternatives

    5:40 to federal government programs and it

    5:42 was something I was very very interested

    5:44 in doing because I really felt like the

    5:46 private sector should be more involved

    5:48 in helping to feed the poor helping to

    5:50 house the

    5:52 poor but one day I realized I think it's

    5:55 probably time for me to step down but I

    5:59 wasn't sure sure so I I set aside 10

    6:01 days just kind of go through a process I

    6:03 had a checklist and at the end of those

    6:05 10 days the last thing on the checklist

    6:07 was to call my dad and just ask his

    6:09 advice now why was my dad at the end of

    6:11 the checklist it's because he was out of

    6:13 the country and I knew he wouldn't be

    6:15 home and home back home until that 10th

    6:17 day and so I went through my checklist

    6:20 and then on the 10th day it arrived and

    6:22 I called my dad I said

    6:25 Dad I'm thinking of of stepping down

    6:28 from the foundation

    6:30 and he said I know and I said what I I

    6:33 said how could you know I haven't told

    6:35 anyone and you've been out of the

    6:36 country this whole time how could you

    6:38 possibly

    6:39 know and he said well as I was talking

    6:43 to God this morning he told me and I

    6:47 think you're doing the right thing folks

    6:50 that was about the easiest career

    6:52 decision I have ever made in my life

    6:55 when your dad says to you oh yeah I I

    6:57 God already told me about it and I think

    6:59 you making the right decision I'll tell

    7:00 you what easy decision you know the

    7:03 decision I made but here's my question

    7:05 for you was that just your

    7:08 coincidence or was it

    7:11 God fast forward five years I've gotten

    The answer to prayer that left me stunned. Obeying God and watching Him provide.

    7:14 married in the meantime I'm living up in

    7:17 in Seattle north of the University of

    7:19 Washington and my wife and I my wife

    7:21 Kathy and I were working at the

    7:22 University of Washington with campus

    7:24 Crusade for Christ working with these

    7:26 crazy college students and loving every

    7:29 minute

    7:30 but after our first year where we'd been

    7:32 living about a half an hour north of of

    7:34 Seattle you know away from campus and in

    7:37 in an apartment we could afford just

    7:39 felt God was saying Brad I want you to

    7:41 move down into the University District

    7:43 now folks that the University District

    7:45 is an expensive place to live in and

    7:47 we're on a missionary's

    7:49 salary but we just had this strong sense

    7:51 as we prayed about it that that was God

    7:53 what God was saying and so we said okay

    7:56 and I said well let's tell the students

    7:57 what God is telling us and Kathy was a

    7:59 at first because she said

    8:01 well well what if God doesn't provide

    8:04 what will that do to the faith of the

    8:06 students and I said

    8:07 honey I cannot worry about God's

    8:11 reputation God needs to worry about his

    8:13 own reputation what I need to be

    8:14 concerned

    8:15 about is doing what he tells me to do

    8:18 and frankly she agreed and so from that

    8:21 moment on we let people know and we were

    8:23 trusting God to provide for the summer

    8:26 we put everything in storage we we left

    8:28 for the summer on a summer Miss project

    8:30 and came back two weeks before school

    8:33 started well we looked all over the

    8:35 place couldn't find anything we could

    8:36 afford the best we could do and it was

    8:38 pushing our budget was was a 500 square

    8:41 foot apartment space and that really

    8:43 wasn't what God was calling us to do i s

    8:46 he wanted us to use a home to entertain

    8:49 students and to be able to bring in

    8:51 large groups of students in a 500 foot

    8:53 apartment would have cut it now early on

    8:56 in those two weeks I called my dad I

    8:58 said Dad

    9:00 this is what God has put on our hearts

    9:02 and we want to do this I said do you

    9:03 know of can you think of anyone possibly

    9:06 in the area that that might be willing

    9:08 to to buy a home or rent an apartment

    9:10 for so we can minister to these students

    9:11 my dad said you

    9:14 know I really can't and he said frankly

    9:18 you're probably wasting your time and I

    9:20 I got off the phone I went if my dad

    9:22 can't believe God for something like

    9:24 this who do I think I am anyway but you

    9:27 see God was just getting ready to

    9:32 act that Sunday afternoon we got a call

    9:35 from this this woman we had never met

    9:37 before in our lives didn't know who she

    9:39 was she said yesterday I was talking to

    9:43 my sister and she told she told me about

    9:45 you guys that you're wanting to move

    9:47 into the University District and and

    9:49 have a home where you can entertain and

    9:51 minister to students she said could you

    9:54 come down and have have dessert with us

    9:56 on Wednesday night come down to our home

    9:57 and I said sure now the thing about that

    10:00 though was that was our second wedding

    10:02 anniversary as well but I just sensed

    10:06 God was doing something so I said yes

    10:07 we'll be there on Wednesday and night

    10:09 arrived we walk into their home we chat

    10:11 for a few minutes we sit down and then

    10:13 the wife starts telling her story she

    10:16 said Saturday I was over at my sister's

    10:18 house and she started telling us about

    10:19 you guys this young couple on stab with

    10:22 campus crusade for Christ who wanted to find a

    10:24 home in the UN University District so

    10:26 they could minister to the college

    10:29 student

    10:30 she said that was Saturday then Sunday

    10:31 she said I was sitting in church and God

    10:33 said to me you know that money you you

    10:36 you've put away that you saved to buy

    10:38 buy a vacation home down in Newport

    10:40 Beach and she said yes Lord he

    10:43 said I want you to use that money to go

    10:46 buy a home for this young couple and she

    10:47 said Okay Lord I I think she was a

    10:51 little taken off guard but she clearly

    10:53 heard God say that she said okay she

    10:55 said so that's why we asked you to come

    10:57 down here we wanted to meet

    11:00 you the husband said okay here's your

    11:03 budget go find a home we'll buy it but

    11:07 he said you know what I'd really

    11:08 appreciate would you mind paying the

    11:11 utilities in in the taxes on it each

    11:14 month said well yeah we'll do that well

    11:18 Kathy and I went went away that night we

    11:19 went and had dinner for our anniversary

    11:21 but we look sat at dinner looking each

    11:23 other other over the table just staring

    11:26 like what just happened I think anybody

    11:28 watching would have thought would have

    11:30 never guessed we were celebrating our

    11:31 second wedding anniversary we were just

    11:34 stunned do you know what it means to be

    11:35 stunned that night I knew what it meant

    11:38 to be stunned I was in shock but in

    11:41 gratitude to

    11:43 God folks the next day we went and we

    11:46 started telling the students and

    11:47 everybody what God had done but the most

    11:50 fun part of the whole thing was I got to

    11:53 call my dad my dad whose Faith was

    11:56 incredible he picked up the phone and

    11:58 the first thing I said said to him was

    12:00 oh ye of little

    12:02 faith and then I told him the story you

    12:05 know I have never seen a man so excited

    12:08 about being being told oh ye have little

    12:11 faith and my dad was on that call that

    12:13 day he was excited with it to see how

    12:16 God had provided now

    12:19 folks you may call that incredible

    12:22 coincidence or you can call that

    12:25 God about 15 years ago we were having a

    Unexpected & timely check: coincidence or divine intervention?

    12:29 uh strategic planning session and budget

    12:31 planning session for bright media

    12:32 foundation and it went over a period of

    12:35 two days and I remember at the end of

    12:37 the second day we we kind of had our

    12:39 plan in place we had our budget in place

    12:41 and and I remember saying well we've got

    12:44 the plan we've got the budget we just

    12:46 don't have the money we're we'll see

    12:48 what God does well the amazing thing it

    12:51 was right about that time A friend had

    12:53 called a a family friend had called

    12:55 longtime family friend and I didn't pick

    12:57 it up because we were still line up all

    12:59 the planning session and and everything

    13:02 so I I didn't call her back till the

    13:04 next morning but but when I called her

    13:07 and she answered the phone and and she

    13:08 said well Bradley I was just 

    13:11 you that I stuck a check for a million

    13:13 dollars in the mail yesterday for bright

    13:14 media foundation and I went thank you so

    13:18 much here's the thing though folks I had

    13:20 never asked her for money I never asked

    13:23 her for money at all secondly she had no

    13:26 idea that we needed money or that we had

    13:29 been in planning session at all she had

    13:32 no idea of any of that and yet at

    13:34 exactly the right time she called with

    13:38 the check that we needed folks either

    13:40 that was coincidence incredible

    13:42 coincidence or it was God what do you

    13:47 think folks I don't have enough Faith to

    I don’t have enough faith to believe in so many coincidences.

    13:50 believe that all of these things are

    13:51 coincidences you see I believe in a God

    13:55 who works all things together for the

    13:57 good for those who are called called

    13:59 according to per his purpose for those

    14:01 who love him I believe God is looking

    God is looking for opportunities in your life…

    14:05 for

    14:06 opportunities to touch our lives in in

    14:09 ways that will build that relationship

    14:11 with him that will build that trust

    14:14 relationship because folks you see faith

    14:18 is like a muscle the more you use it the

    14:22 bigger it gets and as Faith grows so

    14:25 does our relationship with God and more

    14:29 than anything else that is what God

    14:32 wants folks right now I I I've had a lot

    14:35 of experiences over the years and now

    14:38 God has taken me to the big time I've

    Trusting God with the hard things, cancer

    14:41 got cancer and I'm learning to trust him

    14:44 in the midst of my cancer he hasn't told

    14:48 me whether or not he's going to heal me

    14:50 all he said is Brad I want you to trust

    14:53 me and I've said okay that's what I'll

    14:56 do so folks here's my question question

    Here’s my question for you…

    14:59 for

    15:00 you has God given you something to trust

    15:04 him

    15:05 for something hard something bigger than

    15:08 you're accustomed to is he whispering in

    15:11 your ear just trust me folks we serve a

    Trust God in difficult times, experience love.

    15:16 faithful powerful

    15:19 God I encourage you just to trust him

    15:24 trust him in the midst of whatever it is

    15:26 that's going on in your life right now

    15:29 because here's why as you trust him you

    15:33 learn to love him and you experience his

    15:37 love for you so

    15:40 folks in any situation when we see God

    15:44 work it's either coincidence an

    15:47 incredible

    15:48 coincidence or it really is God folks

    15:52 God is the issue in every issue

    15:55 especially at times when things just

    15:57 cannot be coincident

    16:00 this is Brad Bright, thanks for joining me

    16:02 today and folks if this has been

    16:04 meaningful to you and you can think of

    16:06 someone else who needs to hear this

    16:07 please share it with them please do in

    16:10 order to be encouragement to them thank

    16:12 you very much and God

    16:21 bless

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