An Inconvenient Truth - Follow the Science
Season 3 Episode 1: An Inconvenient Truth – “Follow the Science”
Brad Bright takes us on a journey, unraveling the evolution of the phrase "believe the science" and its connection to climate change, man-made global warming, and the current debate on gender.
9 Min 39 Sec

    Science, Gender and an Inconvenient Truth

    Do you remember how we used to hear Believe the science every time the issue of Climate Change came up? We rarely hear that anymore. Do you ever wonder whyDid science die? What happened?

    I have a theory.  Let’s call it my “Believe the Science” postmortem theory.  Before I tell you my postmortem conclusionslet me give some context

    Let’s start by rewinding to the Obama Presidency.  

    If you were paying attention during the Obama years, one thing became curiously obviousObama ONLY used the phrase: Believe the science” or settled science in conjunction with the term “Climate Change,” never with phrase “man-made global warming.”


    Did you notice that, or was it just me? Call me JADED if you must, but it was a stark omission.

    Obama knew Climate Change was undeniable scientific fact. So did every AmericanWe all learned in grade school about the global Ice AgeWe all know massive volcanic eruptions CAN change the global climate. We all know that the earth’s orbital path around the sun drives long-term climate change.

    All that is undeniable scientific fact. From a scientific perspective, Climate Change is real. Stay with me.

    Parenthetically, the Bible also teaches that Climate Change is real —remember Noah and the flood? Science and the Bible agree that Climate Change is real.

    But I digress.

    I believe that is why Obama always said, “Believe the science” or “settled science” regarding Climate Change but NEVER about “man-made global-warming.”

    What politicians DON’T SAY is often just as important as what they DO say. Always pay attention to the SILENCE.

    A recent example of this was on display during the most recent White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The point of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but Biden completely ghosted Jesus in his remarks. Does that give you any clues about what Biden thinks of Jesus? If he really believed Jesus was God, was the Son of God, do you think he would have completely ghosted him AT CHRISTMAS?

    Always pay attention to what politicians don’t sayPay attention to the SILENCE.

    But let me get back to the topic at hand. The SCIENTIFIC data to prove "man-made global warming” was insufficient during the Obama years, and it still is. It requires a blind leap of faith to embrace “man-made global warming” due to insufficient scientific data.

    Of course, there is not sufficient data to disprove it either. So, when it comes to “man-made global warming” the only intellectually tenable position is to be AGNOSTIC.

    I consider myself agnostic on “man-made global warming” —I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I am open to being convinced one way or the other —IF you can give me conclusive scientific data. You may LEAN one way or the other, but if you actually believe “man-made global warming” is true or is not true, that is Your Truth, but it is not Scientific Truth

    However, when it comes to Climate Change, the only scientifically tenable position is to embrace it. So, Obama, being an extremely savvy politicianSPUN the conversation as Climate Change so he could credibly say, “Believe the science.

    Let me reemphasize, that when listening to skilled politiciansit is just as important to listen for what they DON’T say as to what they DO sayWord choices matter in politics.

    If you don’t listen closely to the specific words politicians use, you are going to be fooled.

    As P.T. Barnum is purported to have said, “There are two types of people in the world, conmen and suckers—thank God for the suckers.”

    I remember in the 1980’s, during the Reagan Administration when I was working on Capitol Hill, there was a huge debate over SDI (the Strategic Defense Initiative). There was a Congressman from Georgia who went back to his home district and when addressing conservative groups he would say he “voted for SDI.” That was a true statement.

    When addressing liberal groups, he would say he “voted against funding SDI.” That also was a true statement.

    Both statements were true.

    You see, he voted for the initial SDI bill, but later on when it came time to vote on authorizing funding for SDI, he voted against FUNDING it.

    Politicians will be politicians. You can decide for yourself whether or not he was intentionally trying to mislead the voters of his district.

    But that brings me back to the question, why don’t we hear politicians say, “Believe the Science,” anymore? 

    Any guesses?

    Here’s my postmortem theory:

    With the advent of the Choose your own Pronoun” phenomenonthe phrase “Believe the Science” is a PROBLEMScience still can only IDENTIFY two gendersHowever, wacko politicians, Lit professors, and Gender Studies professors preach that gender is a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT. It’s made up. It’s not real.

    Therefore, you can be any one of 2…billion genders on a given day— or something ridiculous like that.

    By the way, have you noticed that SCIENCE professors are NOT driving the “Choose your own Pronoun” frenzy? That’s very telling isn’t it.

    If you start with: “Believe the Science,” the ANTI-science gender ideologues face an insurmountable obstacle. It’s no wonder they flee from a conversation about science and gender. Instead, they want to teach your kids about all the evil “Cis-gendered” folks out there.

    Look I’m not surprised by all the wackos in academiaI don’t think you are either. They’ve always been there. They always will be there. Like the president of Harvard who doesn’t seem to understand that lopping off the heads of Jewish babies is intrinsically evilThat’s exactly what the Nazi’s believed. Same song, second verse. She’s a complete wack-a-doodleApparently Harvard’s board is as well.

    But what I find morbidly fascinating is that the same politicians who used to promote “Believe the Science” regarding Climate Change, have now completely jettisoned “science” from their rhetorical toolbox in the age of “Choose your own Pronoun.”


    I would be very interested to hear from you, if you think the current omission of science is intentional or not. If you believe it is intentionalI’d like to know why you think that. Same goes for those who think it is unintentional.

    It just so happens that if you “Believe the Science,” there are only two gendersLikewise, if you believe the Bible, there still are only two gendersInteresting how science and the Bible agree, both on Climate Change and genderWho knew?

    Politicians know that directly attacking science would be political suicidePeople would regard them as wack-a-doodles, just like the president of Harvard.

    Their dilemma is: science UNDERMINES their ideological rhetoric, but they can’t attack science directly. So instead of attacking science they quietly BURY it.

    On the other hand, they LOVE CONDEMNING folks who love God and love their country.

    Ya know, the folks Obama said “cling to their guns and religion.” The folks Hillary called “a basketful of deplorables.” The folks Bill Maher recently said are mentally ill.

    Don’t get mad at me, I’m simply repeating what Obama, Hillary and Bill Maher said. No one forced them to say it.

    But let me get back on point: 

    Either you believe the science—or you don’t.
    Either you believe the Bible—or you don’t.

    If you believe science and the Bible, then there are only two genders.
    Conversely, if you believe there are  more than two genders, then you don’t believe science and the Bible.

    It’s quite simple.

    So, you can either believe the Bible & Science, or you can believe all the wacko

    • Lit professors,
    • Sociology professors,
    • Gender Studies instructors,

         and POLITICIANS who LUST after power.…who are OBSESSED with power.

    Your choice.

    So here is my final “Believe the Science” postmortem:

    “Believe the Science” died, not because science isn’t true anymore, but because when it comes to genderit’s a very INCONVENIENT TRUTH.”

    And so is God by the way.

    If there really are MORE than two genders, then God must be saying, “Oops!” And if God ever says, “Oops!” then we’re ALL in trouble.

    Maybe God said “Oops!” after He said, “Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men.”
    Maybe God said “Oops!” after He created you.
    Maybe He really did say, “Oops!” after he created your gender.

    Is that what YOU believe?

    You see, God really is the issue in every issue —including gender. And by the way, God never says, “Oops!”

    This is Brad Bright. Thanks for joining me today. Please remember to like, share or subscribe to this podcast if you found it helpful or encouraging.

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    Season 3 Episode 1: An Inconvenient Truth – “Follow the Science”

    Brad Bright takes us on a journey, unraveling the evolution of the phrase "believe the science" and its connection to climate change, man-made global warming, and the current debate on gender.
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