The Grinch Awards
Season 2 Episode 32: The 2023 Grinch Awards!
Today I am giving the Grinch Award to a very deserving company.
15 Min 19 Sec


    Today I am giving the Grinch Award to a very deserving company. I’m sure you all remember the story, How the Grinch Stole Christmas? by Dr. Seuss. The Grinch couldn’t stand Christmas, so he decided he would steal it.

    Do you realize there are real life GrinchesPeople who hate Christmas. Companies who hate ChristmasThey want to get rid of it. They may not look like the Grinch, but they think like him.

    Think about the places where you shop. Would you say that any of them “GRINCH” on CHRISTMAS? Yes, I just used “Grinch” as a verbIt’s powerful as a verb.

    • You can see it.
    • You can feel it.
    • You can touch it.
    • You can smell it.
    • You can taste it.

    before you jump to conclusions, let me say that BOYCOTTING is not the answer.  However, you do need good information.

    In light of that, today, I am going to present the Grinch Award for 2023to the company who best personifies the spirit of the Grinch.

    Here are some of the criteria I used in determining the winner:

    Do they replace the word “Christmas” with the word “Holiday?”

    Do they forbid their employees from saying “Merry Christmas?”

    Do their websites pitch “Holiday” this-and-that, but rarely or never mention “Christmas?”

    Do they hijack Christmas as a platform to promote causes that offend the God of Christmas?

    Every company has the right to honor, ignore or demean Christmas as they see fit. However, as a consumer, you have the right to spend your money WHERE you see fit.

    Again, I’m not talking about boycotts. The boycott of Budweiser this summer was an anomaly. I’m glad it worked. But for every boycott that works, probably 100 failI’m talking about the choice you have to spend your money at Store A or Store BI’m talking about being a good steward with WHERE you spend your money. I’m talking about ALTERNATIVES.

    You can spend it at stores that hate the GOD of CHRISTMAS and give to causes that God hates, or you can spend it at stores that acknowledge or even honor the GOD of CHRISTMAS. You can spend your money at stores that Grinch on Christmasor ones that don’t.

    I’ve selected 5 companies this year as finalists for the Grinch Award. 4 runners up and the winner.  I’ll start with the 4th runner up and go from there. I’ll explain why I chose each one, and then suggest some possible alternativesAnd that is the key word: ALTERNATIVES.

    Don’t think boycottThink alternativesSometimes you’ll find good alternatives. Sometimes you won’t. If you find good alternatives, give them your business.




    This year as you go Christmas shopping, visit the websites of the stores that sell the products you want. Walk into the store. Look around. 

    Do they embrace Christmas?

    Do they Ghost Christmas?

    Do they hijack Christmas?

    Do they sexualize Christmas?

    Then ask the GOD of XMAS what He wants you to do. It’s between you and God.

         Not you and your pastor.

         Not you and your spouse.

         Not you and your doctor.

    Just You and GOD.

    You can be a part of the solutionYour money can be a tool to promote what’s Good. WHERE you spend your money, is just as important as HOW you spend your money. Look for ALTERNATIVES.

    But remember, don’t get angry at the Grinches for being Grinches. Their problem is not their behavior, their problem is their hearts. Their hearts are 3 SIZES TOO SMALLOnly God can fix that. You do your part and let God do His.

    I pray that you may experience the true meaning of Xmas this year as you remember God’s gift to you — a newborn baby in a manger.

    Remember: GOD is the issue — in every issue.

    This is Brad Bright. Thanks for joining me today. Please remember to like, subscribe or share this podcast. Merry Christmas! ​​​​​​​

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    Season 2 Episode 32: The 2023 Grinch Awards!

    Today I am giving the Grinch Award to a very deserving company.
    15 Min 19 Sec