It's only a small piece of dog poop
Season 2 Episode 20: It’s Only A Small Piece of Dog Poop!
How much dog poop is too much, before you say you won’t drink it?
15 Min 16 Sec



    Intro: This is Brad Bright and the God is the Issue Podcast….

    The problem in America today is not that there is too much darkness. The problem is there is not enough light.

    You see, we can trace all our human problems to a broken view of God. That why we always say, God is the issue — in every issue.

    Story: Imagine coming back from a long hike.

    A friend gives you a bottle of pure spring water. As you are getting ready to drink it they say,….. How much dog poop is too much, before you say you won’t drink it?

    BABYLONE BEE article – “Fake News You Can Trust.” – SPOOF


    Again, this article was a SPOOF, but it held up a mirror for us to look into. How much dog poop is too much for you?


    HIDDEN FIGURES“The movie has great social redeeming value.” How is blasphemy socially redeeming?

    Or maybe that person meant, that it’s more important to honor and lift up blacks who have been oppressed, than it is to honor and lift up GodIs it okay to slightly dirty God’s holiness for a good cause? How much dog poop is too much — for you?

    If you watch a movie that only profanes the name of Jesus once, what did you just teach your children about what it looks like to honor God? Did you teach them anything about God by your exampleWhat did you just teach them about God’s holinessHis perfection? His purity?

    We teach children that God’s holiness means he is PERFECTLY PURE.  If God is perfectly pure, how much dog poop is acceptable?

    Story: PASTOR talking about a great movie he watched that week that misused the name of Jesus.

    Do you think it is okay for a pastor to recommend a movie to his congregation that demeans God’s name?How much dog poop is too much for your pastor?

    Story: Geneva Teacher—“It only has some mild profanity.” Do you think blaspheming the name of Jesus is MILD profanity? “How much dog poop is too much?”

    Question:  Which do you personally find more offensive, the F-bomb or misusing the name of Jesus?

    Story: When our kids were growing up….

    From GOD’S PERSPECTIVEblasphemy is worse than being vulgar. One is in the 10 Commandments. The other isn’t in the top 10.

    If someone PUBLICLY DEMEANED your SPOUSEhow would that make you feel? When Chris Rock demeaned Will Smith’s wife, Will Smith was beyond angry. Why? because he loved his wife. DEEPLY OFFENDED.

    Story: WLA DEBATE

    Cheap shot demeaning him. Mrs. Armstrong. If someone publicly demeaned your spouse, how would that make you feel? You might not walk up on stage and punch him, but I bet you’d feel like it? If that didn’t make you angry, I would seriously wonder if you really love your spouse.

    How would it affect your relationship with your spouse if you didn’t get the slightest bit upset about her being publicly demeaned? Do you think that would deepen your relationship?

    What if someone demeans your kids at school tomorrow? How are you going to feel? If you don’t care, I have to wonder if you really love your kids.

    So why do you think many followers of Jesus have no problem watching movies that demean the name of Jesus?

    Can you truly love someone and not feel hurt or angry if they are publicly demeaned?

    How much dog poop is too much for you?

    How do you think God feels when someone blasphemes his name? When someone demeans him? Do you think God is okay with that? No big deal, right? How much dog poop is too much for God?

    Parenthetically: What you think really doesn’t matter. What I think really doesn’t matter. The only thing that really matters is what God thinks. Right? So what does God think? 

    Exodus 20:7 – “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.”

    1 Timothy 1:20 – Paul said, “Among them are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I have handed over to Satan to be taught not to blaspheme.”

    Ouch! Once again, no tolerance for dog poop.

    So, if you say to God, “Sure I paid to watch other people blaspheme your name in that movie, but I never personally demeaned your name.” How do you think God is going to feel?

    When God’s people do not honor God’s name, do you think he feels like pouring out his blessings on us?

    Put yourself in God’s position. How would you feel about it?

    Muslims do a much better job of honoring Allah’s name than Christians do of honoring the name of Jesus.

    How much dog poop is too much for God?

    Blaspheming the name of God is a serious sin. God takes it very seriously. However, God loves us so much that if we turn to Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins, God will forgive us. As much as God hates our sin, He loves us even more.

    Recommendation: Vid Angel It puts you in control.

    If enough people start using Vid Angel, and Vid Angel starts making a lot of money, there will be a lot of people in Hollywood that sit up an pay attention, because Hollywood makes movies that they think will make money. In Hollywood, sooner or later, money will trump ideology.

    Remember, the problem in America is not that there is too much darkness. The problem is there is not enough light. Together we can make a difference.

    God is the issue — in every issue.

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