The Border, Compassion and Jesus
Season 2 Episode 19: The Border, Compassion, and Jesus
I am going to talk about what’s going on at the border, what it means to be compassionate on this issue, and what Jesus has to do with it.
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    Hi, I’m Brad Bright. The problem in America is not that there is too much darkness, The problem is there is not enough light. That is why God is the issue—in every issue.

    Today I will be talking about the Border, Compassion and Jesus. I am going to talk about what’s going on at the border, what it means to be compassionate on this issue, and what Jesus has to do with it.

    The same Jesus who said, Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy,” also said, Be as shrewd as snakes but as innocent as doves.” In other words, compassion without wisdom is folly.

    Many open-border folks accuse build-the-wall folks of lacking compassionBut those who wish to throw the border wide open lack wisdom.

    I used to support an open border. I grew up in Southern California where I observed that real people on both sides of our border benefited. There were some downsides, but since our politicians refused to develop a viable work visa policyit was a better option than slamming the door shut.

    However, since then the situation has devolved profoundlyWe now know that TERRORISTS are attempting to cross the border in record numbers. Last year we caught 464 KST’sAs of June we caught another 478 KST’s trying to cross. Who knows how many slipped through. Many of our fellow Americans will likely die if the terrorist are successful. It’s happened before. It will happen again.

    We know FENTANYL crossing our southern border is slaughtering thousands of vulnerable fellow Americans. In 2021, 107,000 Americans died of drug overdoses. Well over half from fentanyl. Last year the DEA seized 379 million doses of fentanyl.

    Controlling the border would save far more American lives than gun control ever will, and yet many of the folks who plead for greater gun regulation also demand an open border. That makes no sense.

    We know that SEX TRAFFICKERS  smuggle helpless girls across the border, turning them into sex slaves. Sex trafficking is becoming EPIDEMIC.

    We know that CARTELS are not only invading the US but also destroying the lives of many countless Mexicans as well.

    How can a thinking person turn a blind eye to such tragedies and credibly claim to be compassionate? That’s not compassion; that’s VIRTUE SIGNALLINGThey may have “good intentions,”  but they are still destroying real people, simply so they can “feel” good about themselves.

    Good intentions without wisdom kills people.

    They are inadvertently (hopefully) aiding and abetting sex traffickers, drug dealers and terrorists. They “feel” for the illegal immigrants while hardening their hearts to the carnage their “compassion” causes their neighbors. That’s not compassion.

    Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” That’s often very hard to do in the real world, but if you heartlessly condemn one neighbor in order to help another neighbor, do you really think Jesus would call you “compassionate?”

    I know many of you are thinking“But we have to help the folks who are so desperate that they risk everything to come to America in hopes of bettering their lives and the lives of the ones they love.” I AGREE.

    So, now comes the critical questionHow do we do we do both?

    I think my answer will surprise many of you, but it will not surprise my brothers and sisters in Latin America. I learned from them the only way to solve BOTH problems. It won’t be easy, and it won’t be quick, but it is the only solution that deals with the underlying cause.

    First, in order to protect our fellow Americans we MUST close the border to shut down sex trafficking, fentanyl and terrorism. Simultaneously, we must change our immigration policies. And that’s the easy part.

    Now let’s talk about the hard part: how to help those south of the border who currently see America as their only hope.

    Let me ask you: If the immigrants who are risking their lives to come to America could stay home and be able to provide for their family’s welfare and safety, do you think most of them would rather come here or stay home? I think most would rather stay home. I know I would.

    So how do we help make that possible? Have you ever asked that question? It’s a simple answer, but it will require a lot of people like you and me to engage.

    The United States government is completely incapable of solving the underlying problem. The US can do some things to temporarily suppress some of the symptoms for a while, but it is incapable of solving the underlying problem.

    However, in order to actually solve the problem, we must first recognize what the underlying problem is. Do you have any idea what the underlying problem is? If you don’t then how are you going to solve it?

    Every culture has a dark side. That includes ours. However, I want to talk with you about the dark side of Latin culture so we can better understand what the solution is.

    There is a word in Spanish that sums up the primary symptom of the problem: “MORBIDA.” I learned this word while living in Mexico. It means “bribe.” The morbida is a cultural addiction throughout Latin America. Almost every government project, every business deal, every traffic stop involves the morbida.

    Story: Driving in Baja California, coming back from dinner.

    Federales. “Looking for drugs.” Offered them cash. The drove off happily. This is how the “morbida” works.

    Story: Bryan in Cuernavaca

    Missionary, Towhead.  Stoplight.  Rigged “Sir, I am so sorry. I only wanted money for a Coke.”

    Story: Flying to Philippines

    Brother of former Sec of Treasury. Steel mill. Nation of “cheaters”. Therefore, no job creation. Surprised by his candid honesty.

    Welcoming illegal immigrants to from Latin America will never change the “morbida” embedded in their souls. And it does not correct the fundamental problem in Latin America driving illegal immigration to the US.

    Real compassion demands we address the underlying cancer that affects both the Hispanics who come to America and those who do not.

    Over the years as I have conversed with many of my Christian brothers and sisters throughout Central America. They all agree that neither capitalism or socialism can ever solve the economic problems they face, because the real problem is not economic, rather the problem is embedded like a cancer in the souls of the peoples of Latin America.

    “Morbida” is fundamentally a SPIRITUAL PROBLEM. Therefore, the solution must be a SPIRITUAL SOLUTION. Until then, no economic plan will ever work. And the illegal immigration problem will remain—wall or no wall.

    We can suppress the flow across the border for a while, but Latin America is a powder keg. Mexico is a powder key. Sooner or later it is going to blow, and we will not be immune to the consequences. It will explode across the border.

    I am reminded of William Wilberforce, the British parliamentarian credited with bringing the slave trade to an end in the British empire. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.

    However, it is critical to understand what happened in Britain prior to Wilberforce that allowed Wilberforce to be successful. It was the preaching of John Wesley.

    Because of the John Wesley many average Britains became devout followers of Jesus and because of their faith they became abolitionists. These folks ultimately set the foundation for Wilberforce’s success.

    Without the preaching of Wesley, Wilberforce could have never succeeded in outlawing the slave trade.

    Likewise, in America, without the preaching of men like George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards, the abolitionist movement would have been still born.

    Abraham Lincoln or not, we would probably still embrace slavery today. It was the gospel of Jesus Christ that drove social transformation.

    Spiritual transformation always precedes positive cultural transformation.

    Anyone who is serious about helping our Hispanic brothers and sisters, should be serious about reaching Latins with the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is more than just salvation, but teaching them what it looks like to follow Jesus:

    • Accountability to God.
    • Responsibility for my neighbor.
    • Caring for the widows, the orphans, the poor.

    That’s what John Wesley did. It transformed Britain for 100 years.

    God really is the issue when it comes to illegal immigration. If we do not help the average person in Latin America understand who God really is and why it matters, all we can do is either suppress the symptoms or be overrun. And if we are overrun, they will infect us with their “morbida.”

    It will no longer be just the powerful in our country who take bribes, It will be everyone:

    •                The traffic cop
    •                The welfare administrator
    •                The prison guard
    •                The construction foreman who builds your home
    •                The judge hearing your case.

    Is that what you want?

    Real compassion values:

    • the sex slave,
    • the fentanyl addict,
    • the victims of terrorism,
    • AND the illegal immigrants.

    Without the gospel, we must choose who to help and who to condemnIn other words, we have to play God. Is that what you want?

    But with the gospel of Jesus Christ we can help them all.

    The problem in Latin America is not that there is too much darkness. The problem is there is not enough light.

    So, the next time the border issue comes up, Ask yourself how you can make a difference. 

    • Will you go to Latin America on a short-term outreach? 
    • Will you consider going as a part of a long-term mission?
    • Will you help support a Christian missionary in Latin America — either an American or a National.
    • Find an orphanage to support and then go visit.
    • Go to your church to see if they have any outreaches to Latin America?

    The options are almost limitless.

    You can’t do everything, but you can do something. Ask God what he wants you to do, Because he cares more deeply than you ever will.

    God really is the issue — in every issue.

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