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#2 Fighting the Symptoms or Winning the War?
As a Christian in the midst of cancel culture, do you ever feel like you are playing Whack-a-mole, or like Don Quixote tilting with windmills? Abortion, homosexuality, transsexuality, divorce, racism, socialism, economics, illegal immigration, greed, pov
17 Min 13 Sec

#14 Is it a Sin NOT to Vote?

Join Brad as he unpacks Jesus’ words in Matthew chapter 25 and applies them to one of our most basic duties.
28 Min 31 Sec

#13 Love in an Angry Culture, Part 2

If a blind man steps on your toe, does it hurt? But are you offended? When Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” what did he mean?
19 min 45 sec

#12 Love in an Angry Culture

#1 of 2-Part Series: Secular culture almost daily accuses Christians of being unloving and even hateful.
21 Min 20 Sec

#11 Know Your Enemy

Do you have enemies? If you are a genuine follower of Jesus you do.
30 Min 02 Sec

#10 Segregation of Church and State

America has kicked religion to the back of the bus.
27 Min 13 Sec

#9 Public Education Incubating Violence - Part 2

#2 of 2-part series: What consequences do we have to face? What's the solution, and how can we bring God back into the picture?
24 Min 54 Sec

#8 Public Education Incubating Violence - Part 1

#1 of 2-part series: The Public school system, when first established the bible was the key literary resource and prayer was intricately involved in the school day.
21 Min 14 Sec

#7 Fighting the Culture War – Your First Duty as a Christian Citizen

The will to win is not enough.
26 min 41 sec

#6 The Constitution is King

As Jim Brangenberg, the podcast host said, “I’ve never heard this before!”
22 min 37 sec

#5 Putin is a hero, only if…

Putin’s ruthless attempt to subjugate the people of Ukraine horrifies all but the most callous among us.
21 Min 21 Sec