Vonette Bright

Every day, Sharon held an informal discussion with her first-graders that she called “family talks.”  These few moments were often the highpoint of the day, a time for students to express their feelings and ask questions.


One morning, Sharon asked the class, “What do you enjoy most about the first grade?”


Little hands shot up immediately.  Sharon thought their answers might be “recess” or “lunchtime.”  Looking over her students, curly-haired Jeremy caught her attention.  He was fidgeting and wildly waving his hand.  Sharon asked, “What do you like best Jeremy?”


His answer burst forth, “I like being with you!”


Sharon loved that.  That simple declaration reminded her that it’s not recess or lunch time that means the most to a child.  It’s the relationship that has the deepest influence.


On the way home, she pondered what had happened.  She thought about her relationship with God.  Sharon valued all she was learning about God.  But most of all, she was growing in her appreciation of just being in the Lord’s presence—just being with him.


What about you?  What do you enjoy most about God?  Can you answer with the enthusiasm of Jeremy that it’s the relationship you enjoy the most, just being with Him?


There’s no formula to enjoying a deeper, more intimate relationship with God.  Just like any relationship, it takes time.  And that’s where I find many women missing out.  The demands of life become a huge distraction for one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling, and meaningful aspects of life in Christ.


Being a Christian isn’t only what God does for us; it’s the relationship with Him that gives meaning and purpose tour whole life.


Find time to be with God.  As your relationship with Him grows, you’ll discover how much pleasure and joy there is in knowing Him.  His delight is in hearing us say, “I like being with you.”


“The man who loves God is known by God.”  1 Corinthians 8:3


By Vonette Bright

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