Bill Bright

Many years ago in Korea, Dr. Joon Gon Kim and his family were enjoying an evening together. Suddenly, an angry band of Communist guerrillas invaded their village, killing everyone in their path. In their trail of blood, the guerrillas left behind the dead bodies of Dr. Kim’s wife and father. Dr. Kim was beaten and left for dead. In the cool rain of the night, he revived and fled for safety with his young daughter to the mountains. They were the sole survivors.


Can you imagine how we would feel if this happened to us? Since Dr. Kim is a man of God, he knew from Scripture that he must love his enemies and pray for those who persecute him. The Spirit of God impressed upon him to return to the village, seek out the Communist chief who led the guerrilla attack, and tell him that he loved him. Then he was to tell that man about God’s love in Christ. Dr. Kim obeyed the impression God had given him. When he met the Communist chief, the man was dumbfounded because he had believed that the guerrillas had killed Dr. Kim. He knelt in prayer with Dr. Kim and committed his life to Christ. Within a short time, more Communists came to Christ, and Dr. Kim helped build a church for these and other Communist converts.


In 1958, Dr. Kim accepted the position as director of Korean Campus Crusade for Christ, our first international ministry. He is a living demonstration of God’s mercy (Micah 6:8).


As I walk in the Spirit and grow in appreciation for the mercy of God to me, I find that mercy overflows from my life into the lives of others. If I plant the seeds of God’s mercy in the hearts and minds of others, they produce a harvest of love for God and repentance of sin.


How can you show God’s mercy to others today?


By Bill Bright, GOD, Who Are You Anyway?


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