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#8 Public Education Incubating Violence - Part 1
#1 of 2-part series: The Public school system, when first established the bible was the key literary resource and prayer was intricately involved in the school day.
21 Min 14 Sec

    Season 2 Episode 17: I’ve Blown It Too: Jesus, Politics, and the Gospel!

    Our country is tearing itself apart. Even within the Church, there are competing ideas about what we should do.
    11 Min 0 Sec

    Season 2 Episode 15: If you don’t need the credit, you can change the world.

    A great man once told me: “If you don’t need the credit, you can change the world.”
    12 Min 29 Sec

    Season 2 Episode 14: 4 Significant things YOU can do in response to Gay Pride Month

    Gay Pride Month is almost over. We have 11 months before it rolls around again. Brad discusses what has happened and what each of us can do in the months to come. We must fight like Jesus.
    16 Min 9 Sec

    Season 2 Episode 13: Fight for Your Right to Parent

    As we celebrate Father’s Day this year, I am acutely aware that our GOD-GIVEN rights as parents are under assault.
    13 Min 1 Sec

    Season 2 Episode 12: Fight Like Jesus – The Counteroffensive Strategy

    The question is, can Christians effectively fight the anti-God agenda without compromising God’s standards?
    17 Min 30 Sec

    Season 2 Episode 11: What Will It Take To Change America?

    Brad shares the story of when he turned down his dream job. He was going to train 50,000 activists a year to engage in cultural/political issues.
    10 Min 14 Sec

    Season 2 Episode 10: Christians and the Ballot Box

    This week Brad responds to a comment a listener made on Brad’s Memorial Day podcast. Do Christians obsess over the ballot box at the cost of the Great Commission?
    9 Min 14 Sec

    Season 2 Episode 8: The Mental Health Crisis – What do we do?

    Brad Bright is joined by Dr. Seth Scott of Columbia International University. Dr. Scott has his MA in Community Counseling and his PhD in Counseling Education & Supervision.
    54 Min 41 Sec

    Season 2 Episode 7: Did God Say "Oops!"?

    Two weeks ago I did a podcast on Dylan Mulvaney, Budweiser and Jesus. That generated a ton of questions. So today’s episode is about answering those questions.
    21 Min 51 Sec

    Season 2 Episode 6: How to Beat the Haters

    Brad Bright, Author & Speaker, talks about How to Beat the Haters, So you can Change the World!
    24 Min 32 Sec