Vonette Bright

After retiring from the United States Air Force, Colonel Glen Jones joined forces with Campus Crusade for Christ.  He was director of our Military Ministry for several years.  Then my husband, Bill, recruited Glenn to work with him in his office.


As a military officer, Glenn was a gentleman in every respect.  He was a quiet, humble and honorable man.  He loved God and was committed to helping take the gospel message throughout the world.  Like my husband, Glenn shared his faith wherever he could.


Once when Glenn was on an airplane, he noticed the perfume a flight attendant was wearing.  It was a pleasant fragrance.  He thought it might be nice for his wife.  So he said to the flight attendant, “May I ask what perfume you’re wearing?”


She said, “It’s Eternity by Calvin Klein.”


Glenn, who was so attuned to God, saw this as an opportunity to share Christ.  He asked the attendant, “Have you heard about eternity by Jesus Christ?”


In the moments that followed, Glenn shared with the flight attendant how she could know God personally.  And right there, in the aisle of that airplane, at her own initiative, she got on her knees to pray.  With Glenn leading her in prayer, she trusted Jesus Christ with her life.


That’s how Glenn was.  He seized any opportunity to open a conversation.  Especially if it could lead to a discussion about the gospel.


Sometimes that’s the hardest part of sharing our faith, isn’t it?  Just getting the conversation started.  Sometimes, we can simply say, “Hello.”  Sometimes, we ca ask a question.  Sometimes, we begin by answering a question.  The important part, however, is always being friendly.  When you’re friendly, others will be, too.  When you reach out first, others will respond in like manner.  Friendliness is the first step in reaching the hearts of others.


The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise. (Proverbs 11:30)


By Vonette Bright, My Heart in His Hands—Winter 

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