Abide D

Journal Jots:

In your journal make a list of things you're curious about. If you could ask God, what would you ask Him? Are there scriptures that you can find to answer your questions?


Write an entry in your journal about your name. Include who gave it to you, why it was given to you, and whether or not you like it. Then list all of the names that you can think of for God (Jehovah, Yahweh, etc.) and have your parent's help you write down their meanings. Just as your name is personal to you, so is God's name. Write how much it means to you that God knows your name and that means He knows you personally so you can go to Him with all your questions and worries!


Magic Exposed!

Magic tricks can be a lot of fun, especially when they are used to reinforce the fact that there is no such thing as magic! Encourage your child to learn a few tricks and put on a Magic Show. However, in this show, the "Illusionist" reveals the secrets to the tricks after the audience is dazzled by his/her skill! Encourage them to say something like, "What I know that you don't....." In the end talk about the fact that because God knows everything He cannot be tricked... no matter how good the illusionist is!


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