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When you became a Christian, you may have thought that receiving Christ would be the end to your problems. That you would now win over temptation and sin, experience moment-by-moment happiness, handle life’s hassles with ease.


But it wasn’t that easy, was it? You discovered that a large number of Christians experience spiritual drought. You found that God gives Christians the power of choice, and that we don’t always make the right choices. You discovered that God often allows trials to enter our lives, and we don’t always respond in ways that honor Him.


Tragically, many believers are trapped on a roller coaster that ascends to great heights and plummets to disheartening lows. Others are wandering a dry wilderness of spiritual lethargy, a far cry from the wellsprings of abundance our Lord Jesus Christ promised to all who trust and obey Him.


Has He broken His promise? Of course not. Instead, these well-meaning Christians have failed to utilize the very source of power Jesus Christ sent to do His work in us. They have not tapped into the Christian’s secret to a consistent life.

How about you?

Have you recently felt far from God?

Is your sense of inner peace less than it should be?

Have you left your first love for Him?

Are you struggling with sin?

Do you have little desire to read God’s Word?

Do you have trouble loving someone—or yourself?

Has prayer become a meaningless experience in your life?

Are you in bondage to a bad habit?

Do you have little interest in sharing Christ with others?

Does your happiness depend on your circumstances?


How can you avoid those plunges into spiritual lows, how do you overcome those long spiritual dry spells. No matter what trials or temptations come your way, whether you’re full of energy or in need of forty-eight hours’ sleep, you can know without a doubt that all is right between you and God…and your life can be a shining example of the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control He promises.


Shortly before Jesus ascended to heaven, He promised His apostles, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:8). Prior to Pentecost, these disciples were weak, defeated men. But on the glorious day when the power of heaven came upon them, they were empowered to “turn the world upside down” through their witness for Jesus Christ.


Through the centuries, the same Holy Spirit has given men and women His power to accomplish great things for the kingdom of God. He has filled Christians with love for the most trying of individuals; He has brought joy in the midst of heartache; He has generated peace in the most troubled soul; He has enabled fearful Christians to share His gospel boldly with others.


I know without a doubt that, had I not learned early in my Christian experience of my personal need for the Holy Spirit, I would have made a mess of my life. By nature I am rather shy and reserved. Talking with people about Jesus Christ doesn’t always come easily for me. Yet, through decades of ministry, the Holy Spirit has given me boldness to share Christ effectively, as well as an ability to train other Christians to do likewise.


When I earnestly seek to yield to His guidance, I am confident that the very gates of hell cannot prevail against the ministry He wants to have in and through me.


The power of the Holy Spirit is available to you—right now!

*His power is helping Christians break stubborn habits.

*He is changing stagnant, dwindling churches into dynamic, growing bodies of caring believers.

*His power is helping men and women win over temptation, freeing them from bondage to sin and guilt.

*His power is showing Christians how to truly love one another.

*He is enabling believers to experience inner peace in the midst of trying circumstances.

*He is helping thousands of Christians overcome the fear of sharing their faith in Christ with others.


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By Bill Bright, The Secret


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