Vonette Bright

For most children, every day is filled with carefree adventure.  But tragically for some, life is bound with pain, fear, and disappointment.


That’s the way it was for Adam.


Mary first heard about him in her prayer group.  It was there that Adam’s schoolteacher prayed for him.  His family life was so fractured and he was so distraught that he saw no future, no escape.  At the tender age of eight years old, Adam told his teacher he wanted to die.


Deeply moved and concerned for this little by, Mary began to pray in earnest for Adam, a little boy she didn’t even know.


The next week, Mary was at church, rushing to get to choir rehearsal on time.  As she rounded a corner, she and a little boy almost collided.  He was also in a hurry and was quite upset.  Mary noticed his tears and asked him his name.  “Adam,” he said.


Suddenly, Mary sensed this was the little boy she’d been praying for all week long.  She said, “Where are you going, Adam?”


He admitted, “I’m running away because I want to die.”


At that very moment, Adam was heading out of church to get some drugs he had stashed.  He was on the way to ending his life.


Mary sat with Adam and held him, sharing the love of God with this distraught little boy.  She told him that he was Jesus’ little boy and could tell Him all of his secrets.  Adam cried and cried.


As Mary prayed for little Adam, God’s love penetrated his broken heart.  And when the prayer was finished, Adam looked back at Mary with a new light in his eyes.


A chance meeting.  A few moments of love.  A hug.  A welcome prayer.  And a life is changed—from one of despair and disappointment into one of hope.


“There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.”  Proverbs 23:18


By Vonette Bright


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