Vonette Bright

I once heard this story from Elizabeth Elliott.


It was Brenda’s first rock-climbing trip.  She was geared up and secured by a rope, ready for the climb.


Approaching the mountain, she stared up at the rock with excitement and began her assent.  At one point during the climb she stopped to catch her breath.  Looking above, Brenda saw a very difficult ledge posed a challenge.


Preparing to navigate the obstacle, Brenda tugged on the rope.  The life line swung around taut, hitting her in the eye, and causing her contact lens to pop out!


Precariously, she hung there, searching for the tiny lens on the granite rock.  It was nowhere to be found, so she kept climbing.


An hour later, sitting at the peak, Brenda reflected on her climb.  Her vision was impaired—great on one side, fuzzy on the other.  But she had made it!!


She thought about the verse that says, “The eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth” (2 Chronicles 16:9).  She was convinced God knew exactly where her contact lens had fallen.  Still, she was resigned to never finding the contact again.


Dejected. Brenda headed down the path to the bottom where others were preparing to make the same climb. An hour passed.


Another girl, who had no idea of the missing contact, began to climb where Brenda had begun.  Suddenly the girl let out an excited cry, “Hey, you guys!  Did someone lose a contact?  There’s an ant carrying a contact down the mountain!”


It was Brenda’s contact!


Can you imagine that?  God used a tiny ant to answer Brenda’s prayer!  There’s nothing too small for Him to know.  There’s nothing too big for Him to handle.  He will answer our prayers in ways we never imagined possible.


My friend, rest assured that God knows exactly where you dropped your lens.  And it may be His sovereign plan to deliver it as you never expected!  Special delivery.  With love.  From God.


ACTION POINT:  Do you need an answer to prayer today?  Do you need a raven to visit you, like the one that came to Elijah?  How about an ant, like the one that delivered Brenda’s contact?  God will provide an answer, but it may not come as you expected.  Are you struggling with a problem today?  Pray.  Then, expect the unexpected!


“When You did awesome things that we did not expect, You came down, and the mountains trembled before You.”  Isaiah 64:3



By Vonette Bright


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