Vonette Bright

I once heard a story of two pranksters who played a trick on a store manager.  They decided to switch the price tags on various items displayed on the shelves.


After store hours, they lurked down each of the isles.  Before long, mink coats carried tags of $5 and cotton blouses were $3,500.  Tuxedos were $2.50 and men’s neckties were $900.


After the store opened the next morning, it wasn’t long before customers filled the check-out lines!  Predictably, the manager found no humor in this prank and hurried to make things right.


This incident illustrates a reality in life.  It’s easy for us to devalue those things that are of tremendous worthwhile squandering our time, energy, and money on things that are of relatively little value.


We overlook the treasure of those people we hold dear and invest instead in bigger cars, better technology, and more possessions.


Let me ask you:  Has someone played a trick on you?  Are you allowing the price tags to be switched on the very things you hold most dear?  What are you trading for these valuables today?


What about those things you can live without, possessions that come and go, that rust and wear out?  Are they treated like they are your real treasures?  Don’t be deceived.  We all fall into this trap and need to be reminded to put first things first.


Do you know what will help you keep your priorities in order?  Nothing will keep you on track more than a consistent walk with God—filled daily with His Spirit.


Viewing the world through Spirit-filled eyes will allow you to know the true value of the things around you.  Then you won’t be fooled when you are tempted to switch the tags.


“Wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her.”   -Proverbs 8:11


By Vonette Bright


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