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Everyone loved her parties and so it was no wonder that on a warm summer day her balcony became a popular gathering area for a party no one would ever forget.

The newly built balcony groaned silently under the weight of unsuspecting guests.  Suddenly, without warning it collapsed under them and the party became a nightmare.  Several of her friends were seriously hurt and so was she.  A year later the physical injuries were healing but the emotional trauma still plagued her. Balcony debris had been cleared but she couldn’t bring herself to rebuild.

Enter Mike Holmes, savior for those contractor-gone-bad nightmares. 

Mike told her what he tells everyone, the builder did a bad job from beginning to end.  If you don’t lay the right foundation everything you put on top won’t be right.  Sometimes “being off” is the difference between life and death.  Mike also hammers home (no pun intended…sort of) the message that homeowners must be diligent in their job.  Know you’ve got a good contractor; check they’re work and then check it again. 

I thought about the foundation that’s being laid right now in my children’s lives.  It would be so easy to send them off to Sunday school, Christian school or even home school and assume that the foundation being laid is strong and built upon the Savior of their souls, Jesus. 

Mike Holmes would never build a house on shifting sand.  He’ll be the first to tell you it won’t withstand the storms that inevitably come.  Jesus and Mike would agree.  A life built on shifting sand will buckle under the weight of life.

What are you going to do today to help build a strong foundation for your kids?  Click on the DG4Kids Tab for great resources.  We are here to help!!

By Kathy Bright

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