Abide D

Journal Jots:

In your journal this week, write what you have learned regarding God's Never Changing Attribute. Write a Prayer to God using words and/or pictures thanking God that He never changes and you can always count on Him. Draw symbols around your prayer that represent that God never changes (rainbow, Bible, sunrise, sunset, etc.).


Alternate for older kids:

Write a journal entry about something that recently changed in your life (new school, new neighborhood, loss of a loved one or a pet, etc.). Describe how the change made you feel. Write how the fact that God never changes can help you through a similar situation in the future? What would you do differently now that you know about the Attribute that God Never Changes? Would it affect how you feel about changes in your future? Record all your thoughts in your journal.


Adventure Troupe:

Act out the story of David and Goliath for your family or class!  


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