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Voting Tips for Stewards

The following voting tips are not designed to tell you who to vote for, or what political party to support.  As a follower of Jesus, you are a steward. My goal is to pass on practical information to help you wisely invest the vote He gave you to steward....
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When Should Christians "Get Political"?

Our country is tearing itself apart. Even within the Church brother battles brother over what we should and should not do...
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Christians, the Ballot Box, and the Great Commission

Do you think Christians obsess over politics and the ballot box to the detriment of the Great Commission? Last week a listener to my Memorial Day podcast raised that very issue....
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Christian Counseling: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

“You can give up all hope of ever having a better past.” Wow! Those twelve words ushered forth from the mouth of a godly Christian counselor. Unless you are committed to holding onto your past failures, such advice can set you free to embrace God’s best. Unfortunately,...
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Gender Dysphoria--Did God say, "Oops!"?

The LGBTQ activists have masterfully divided the Christian community into two camps: the Truth Tellers and the Lovers. One group emphasizes Love over Truth, the other, Truth over Love. Both create a false, one dimensional, view of God....
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How to Beat the Haters

They had never met before. The dislike in her eyes was palpable....
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Dylan Mulvaney, Budweiser, and Jesus

...Amidst all the uproar, Dylan made a fascinating statement. He said, “God never makes mistakes.” I couldn’t agree more. Dylan and I agree on that one point. God never says, “Oops!” Unfortunately, we as humans often do...
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Is God Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, Or...?

She was a Christian. She was pro-choice. She said that although she would never choose to have an abortion, she believed every woman should have the right to choose for herself.  But one question changed her mind in an instant! ...
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Faith, Fatalism and America's Future

Faith or Fatalism, which one best describes you? Which one best describes you when you listen to the evening news? Polls show that a majority of Americans don’t believe the future looks bright. You may be one of them.  I’m not! Here’s why...