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Our Free Gift For You And Your Kids, The tragedy in Texas reminds us how fragile life is. Our hearts break for the parents and families of the 19 children and two teachers who were killed... Read More
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Making GOD the Issue - In our new Podcast

Join us as we discuss how our view of God determines what we think on all moral, cultural, and economic issues. It even determines on how we vote. Hope for the future of our country, and our world, lies in our ability to make GOD the issue in every issue.
God Who Are You Anyway Book


The Christian life will never work for you if you have small view of God. The reality is, we can trace all our human problems to our view of God. He’s bigger than you think! Go deeper.
God is the issue book


As a culture, our moral behavior can never rise above our view of God. Therefore, to win the culture war, we must make God THE issue in new and compelling ways.
First Love Book


Has your love for God run dry? Has busyness pushed God aside? In this short but powerful book, Bill Bright shows you the way home. This Christmas, it is our FREE GIFT to you.
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Featured Articles

Kathy Bright |

When Your Well Is Dry

I had no words.  It’s hard to write if you have no words.  Sometimes God allows circumstances in our life that suck us dry. Not the cracked and dead dry, but the “I have nothing left over” dry.... 

Vonette Bright |


Ambition is defined as “an eager or strong desire to achieve something.”  What are your ambitions? How do they line up with God's ambitions for you? That is the pivotal question isn't it?

Bill Bright |

God's Power in You

If you only had more power, you could change your circumstances, influence other people, or feel in control of your life. But are you so powerless? Is worldly power really what you need?...

iron fence
Bill Bright |

The Drug Cartels and a Pastor

Satan has strongholds in this world, but miraculous things happen when Christians band together in the power of the Holy Spirit....

Brad Bright |

Christians, the Ballot Box, and the Great Commission

Do you think Christians obsess over politics and the ballot box to the detriment of the Great Commission? Last week a listener to my Memorial Day podcast raised that very issue....

Vonette Bright |

The Smelly Sweater and Jesus

He sat in the corner of the coffee shop.  Alone and out of place.  The young man’s clothes hung like rags on his skinny frame.   He lapped up his tea like an animal.  And he smelled…  awful. David sat down next to him, and they began to talk.

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