Bill Bright

The “Moses sole” is a small, innocent-looking flatfish that thrives around the Red Sea. Named by Israelis, this fish resembles an ordinary flounder or sole, but contains a life-preserving de­fense against one of the deadliest life forms on earth: the great white shark. This fierce predator evokes ter­ror in humans and inhabitants of the sea be­cause of its ability to rip to pieces any foe—any foe, that is, except the Moses sole.


Researchers discovered that the giant of the sea was powerless against this small flounder. The shark slices through the water toward the helpless fish, his mighty jaws wide open and his razor-sharp teeth glistening, but his jaws never close. In­­stead, the stunned predator hurries away, his jaws frozen open, while the delicate Moses sole contentedly swims around as though nothing had hap­pened. The researchers learned that the Moses sole secretes a poison from glands along its fins. This milky poison is lethally toxic and en­vel­ops the gentle fish with a halo of protection.


This unique member of God’s amazing creation illustrates a powerful reality for you and me. It is a beautiful picture of the protection we can have against our deadly predator Satan, thanks to Christ. Because we are covered with the blood of Jesus, Satan cannot devour us.


We are at war, a war far more serious than any ever fought. This war has eternal consequences. But regardless of Satan’s strategies, we can stand firm. We can do this not because of our own good­ness or might, but by relying on the strength of our supreme Savior. Christ frees us through His Word by revealing to us our identity in Him. He equips us for spiritual battle by clothing us in Him­­self and becoming our spiritual armor.


The Bible proclaims, “The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4, NIV).


By Bill Bright, Abundant Living

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