Vonette Bright

One day, two children got into big trouble!  The older child, Kelly, was given scissors to cut flowers for the table.  Her little brother went along to watch.


When the mother checked on the children, she found her son with the scissors and the daughter nowhere in sight.  She was angry with Kelly and scared of what could’ve happened to the young boy with a pair of sharp scissors.  When Kelly showed up, she made matters even worse by lying to her mother.


Later that night, after appropriate discipline and apologies, peace was restored to the household.  Kelly asked her mother for forgiveness, and it was granted.


The next day, Kelly came to her mother and said, “I feel really bad, Mommy.  I feel bad because I lied to you.” 

            “What do you mean?” her mother asked.

            “Yesterday.  When I lied to you.  I feel bad.”

“Honey, what lie?  I’ve forgotten about that.  I forgave you, remember?  It’s something in the past now,”


What a graphic illustration for a little girl who’s just learning about forgiveness.


When you and I sin, the Bible instructs us to confess our sin.  “Confess” means to agree with God that what we did was wrong.  Then we ask for forgiveness.  Not only does He forgive completely, He forgets it ever happened.


Corrie ten Boom used to say, “He puts our sin in the deepest ocean and then put up a ‘No Fishing’ sign.”  I love that.  Ge forgets and doesn’t bring it up again.


Many Christians carry guilt and shame in their hearts, making them feel defeated.  Dear friend, it doesn’t have to be that way.  You are forgiven.  When you understand that, you’ll want desperately to share that good news with others.  Understanding God’s love and forgiveness in Christ is the greatest need of our time.


“I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more” (Jeremiah 31:34).


Ask God to how you anything in your life that’s not pleasing to Him.  Write it on a sheet of paper.  Now ask God to forgive you.  Next, write the words of 1 John 1:9 across the page.  Thank God for His forgiveness, then tear up the list.  The next time you feel guilty about anything on that list, say, “Thank You, Lord.  That is forgiven and forgotten.  I don’t have to worry,”


By Vonette Bright, In His Hands

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