Abide I

Influence Others


Tutor a Friend

If a friend is struggling with something in school, encourage your child to help them understand it better (without doing the work for them of course!). Role-play how they might share with their friend the fact that God knows all the answers!


Role Play

Role Play with your children how they can respond to someone who comes to them with a problem. Talk about the fact that it's so easy to try to solve the problem with our own wisdom, but that we are most helpful when we encourage them to ask for God's wisdom. It's also very helpful to discuss with your child when it is appropriate to go to an adult with the problem.


Write a Letter

Write a letter to a person in authority (The President, the Mayor, the Principal or a teacher...) reminding them that God knows everything and that you are praying they will seek His knowledge as they lead the country, town, school or class.


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