Season 2 Episode 31: Q & A – 3 Reasons Bill Maher WANTS God to Exist

Brad responds to several of the questions listeners asked in response to the podcast 3 Reasons Bill Maher WANTS God to Exist. A lot of Atheists reacted to the podcast.
28 Min 53 Sec

Season 2 Episode 30: Are Christians Suckers?

P.T. Barnum purportedly said, “There are two kinds of people in the world, con men and suckers. Thank God for the suckers.”
16 Min 17 Sec

Season 2 Episode 29: Listener Q & A

Many listeners had questions regarding my recent podcasts. It was impossible to fully answer some of the questions in the comment section so I decided to do a follow up podcast to answer them in more detail.
14 Min 21 Sec

Season 2 Episode 28: Three Reasons Bill Maher WANTS God to Exist!

Today we’re going to talk about John Lennon and Bill Maher and where they all got the “God-thing” all wrong.
15 Min 47 Sec

Season 2 Episode 27: Israel / Hamas: What’s a Christian to do?!

Today we are talking about the war that is going on between Israel and Hamas. I am going to drill down to the primary WHY behind the current violence in Israel so you can better understand.
15 Min 9 Sec

Season 2 Episode 26: Is God Really in Control When Bad Things Happen?

Brad shares inspiring stories from his dad’s life illustrating the power of embracing the sovereignty of God.
19 Min 34 Sec

Season 2 Episode 25: Separation of Church & State is NOT a One-Way Street

I am tired of the Freedom From Religion crowd LYING to America about our religious freedom. Today I am going to SHRED their arguments . . .
13 Min 5 Sec

Season 2 Episode 24: God’s Power, Story of Transformation

In this episode, Brad Bright dives into the incredible power of God and how it manifests in our everyday lives. Brad shares personal stories and anecdotes that demonstrate the miraculous ways in which God's power has intervened and transformed situations.
8 Min 38 Sec

Season 2 Episode 23: Halloween — Light in the Darkness

Controversy: Is it simply make-believe, or is it darkness personified? Is Halloween a problem to be avoided, or an opportunity for the gospel?
21 Min 9 Sec

Season 2 Episode 22: Governor Goes From Crazy to Dangerous

Politicians often say crazy things, but New Mexico Gov. Lujan Grisham recently crossed the line, from crazy to dangerous - especially if you’re black!
13 Min 2 Sec