#11 Know Your Enemy

Do you have enemies? If you are a genuine follower of Jesus you do.
30 Min 02 Sec

#12 Love in an Angry Culture

#1 of 2-Part Series: Secular culture almost daily accuses Christians of being unloving and even hateful.
21 Min 20 Sec

#13 Love in an Angry Culture, Part 2

If a blind man steps on your toe, does it hurt? But are you offended? When Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” what did he mean?
19 min 45 sec

#14 Is it a Sin NOT to Vote?

Join Brad as he unpacks Jesus’ words in Matthew chapter 25 and applies them to one of our most basic duties.
28 Min 31 Sec

#15 Be A Leader, Not A Loner

Loners are losers—not because they’re bad people, but because the only way to change culture is by working in close unison with others. Jesus never sent his disciples out alone, except for one time. Why?
22 Min 34 Sec