Dylan Mulvaney Budweiser and Jesus
Season 2 Episode 5: Dylan Mulvaney, Budweiser, and Jesus
Dylan Mulvaney & Budweiser have been in the headlines recently. For those of you who missed it, Dylan is a man who thinks he is a woman. He is a Tik Tok influencer with a huge following.
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    Dylan Mulvaney & Budweiser have been in the headlines recently.

    For those of you who missed it, Dylan is a man who thinks he is a woman. He is a Tik Tok influencer with a huge following. Budweiser decided it would be a great idea to make a digital ad with Dylan to promote Budweiser. A huge backlash erupted. Since then Budweiser has been in full damage control mode.

    That’s where we are today.


    Dylan made a fascinating statement. He said, “God never makes mistakes.”  I couldn’t agree more. God never says, “Oops!” Unfortunately, we often do.

    But what Dylan meant is, God created him schizophrenicGod created a man who believes he is a woman.

    Unlike Dylan, I don’t blame God for that. I blame Adam and Eve for that.  


    Dylan is also a science denier. Science says Dylan is a man. Dylan’s mind tells him he is a woman. The problem is not with his biology. That’s settled scienceThe problem is in his head. Those are just simple facts.

    Trans folks will call me a hater because I believe the science. They are like 3-year-olds who throw a temper tantrum when they don’t get their way.


    But Dylan is broken. It’s pretty clear that he knows it. He’s a lost soul who needs our prayers and compassion, not our condemnation.

    Let me ask you, if a blind man steps on your toe…? Dylan is blind. Never forget that.


    But how do we respond as Christians to Dylan and Budweiser?

    Never compromise TRUTH, and never compromise LOVE. State what is true, but don’t berate Dylan. He’s horribly broken. Pray for him. He needs our prayers.


    On the other hand, BudweiserBudweiser is not a person who needs compassion. Budweiser is a soulless corporation whose sole purpose is to make money for investors.

    Hold Budweiser accountableIf you drink beer, don’t drink Budweiser. If you have friends who drink beer (most of us do), encourage them to drink something other than Budweiser.

    If you own Budweiser stock, sell it today! If you have a 401K or 403B, contact your administrator to find out what funds they are invested in. Insist they require the investment firm to divest of all Budweiser stock.

    Don’t take “No” for an answer. Ask your co-workers to go with you. There is power in numbers.

    Don’t be mean, but be firmHold Budweiser accountable.


    Remember, Jesus always showed compassion to lost sheep, but he was never afraid to speak truth — especially to power.

    Be more like Jesus!

    And never forget, God IS the issue—in every issue.

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