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Season 2 Episode 5: Dylan Mulvaney, Budweiser, and Jesus
Dylan Mulvaney & Budweiser have been in the headlines recently. For those of you who missed it, Dylan is a man who thinks he is a woman. He is a Tik Tok influencer with a huge following.
3 Min 59 Sec

Season 2 Episode 22: Governor Goes From Crazy to Dangerous

Politicians often say crazy things, but New Mexico Gov. Lujan Grisham recently crossed the line, from crazy to dangerous - especially if you’re black!
13 Min 2 Sec

Season 2 Episode 21: The One Good Thing About ChatGPT Twisting The Bible!

A lot of Christians are reacting again. This time, because some folks are using ChatGPT to rewrite the Bible. Now, of course, that’s not a good thing . . .
13 Min 7 Sec

Season 2 Episode 20: It’s Only A Small Piece of Dog Poop!

How much dog poop is too much, before you say you won’t drink it?
15 Min 16 Sec

Season 2 Episode 19: The Border, Compassion, and Jesus

I am going to talk about what’s going on at the border, what it means to be compassionate on this issue, and what Jesus has to do with it.
16 Min 28 Sec

Season 2 Episode 18: Two Things Your Kids Need This Fall

Brad Bright is joined by his wife, Kathy Bright. Kathy is also the National Director of Discover God for Kids. They talk about two practical ways to keep your family focused on God as school starts back up this fall.
22 Min 54 Sec

Season 2 Episode 17: I’ve Blown It Too: Jesus, Politics, and the Gospel!

Our country is tearing itself apart. Even within the Church, there are competing ideas about what we should do.
11 Min 0 Sec

Season 2 Episode 15: If you don’t need the credit, you can change the world.

A great man once told me: “If you don’t need the credit, you can change the world.”
12 Min 29 Sec

Season 2 Episode 14: 4 Significant things YOU can do in response to Gay Pride Month

Gay Pride Month is almost over. We have 11 months before it rolls around again. Brad discusses what has happened and what each of us can do in the months to come. We must fight like Jesus.
16 Min 9 Sec

Season 2 Episode 13: Fight for Your Right to Parent

As we celebrate Father’s Day this year, I am acutely aware that our GOD-GIVEN rights as parents are under assault.
13 Min 1 Sec

Season 2 Episode 12: Fight Like Jesus – The Counteroffensive Strategy

The question is, can Christians effectively fight the anti-God agenda without compromising God’s standards?
17 Min 30 Sec