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#11 Know Your Enemy
Do you have enemies? If you are a genuine follower of Jesus you do.
30 Min 02 Sec

Season 2 Episode 12: Fight Like Jesus – The Counteroffensive Strategy

The question is, can Christians effectively fight the anti-God agenda without compromising God’s standards?
17 Min 30 Sec

Season 2 Episode 11: What Will It Take To Change America?

Brad shares the story of when he turned down his dream job. He was going to train 50,000 activists a year to engage in cultural/political issues.
10 Min 14 Sec

Season 2 Episode 10: Christians and the Ballot Box

This week Brad responds to a comment a listener made on Brad’s Memorial Day podcast. Do Christians obsess over the ballot box at the cost of the Great Commission?
9 Min 14 Sec

Season 2 Episode 8: The Mental Health Crisis – What do we do?

Brad Bright is joined by Dr. Seth Scott of Columbia International University. Dr. Scott has his MA in Community Counseling and his PhD in Counseling Education & Supervision.
54 Min 41 Sec

Season 2 Episode 7: Did God Say "Oops!"?

Two weeks ago I did a podcast on Dylan Mulvaney, Budweiser and Jesus. That generated a ton of questions. So today’s episode is about answering those questions.
21 Min 51 Sec

Season 2 Episode 6: How to Beat the Haters

Brad Bright, Author & Speaker, talks about How to Beat the Haters, So you can Change the World!
24 Min 32 Sec

Season 2 Episode 5: Dylan Mulvaney, Budweiser, and Jesus

Dylan Mulvaney & Budweiser have been in the headlines recently. For those of you who missed it, Dylan is a man who thinks he is a woman. He is a Tik Tok influencer with a huge following.
3 Min 59 Sec

Season 2 Episode 4: What does it look like to follow Christ and be Pro-Life?

In this Episode Brad Bright is joined by Leslee Unruh. Brad and Leslee talk about what it truly looks like to be a Christian and Pro-Life.
38 Min 31 Sec

#31 Faith, Fatalism, and America’s Future! Can God bring a Revival?

When you watch the evening news, does it give you hope or indigestion? Listen to Brad Bright’s take on the state of America as he discusses what we each can do to bring about lasting change in our culture.
8 Min 50 Sec

#30 Easter and Science: What Three Words Bind Them Together Forever?

Brad Bright explains the how Science and Christianity are tied together and what does tie Science and Christianity together, forever!
20 Min 51 Sec