Vonette Bright

A friend of mine has six children, including two highschoolers, living at home.  At times she has felt overwhelmed, as if her parenting responsibilities were about to crash in around her.


In the middle of this difficult and busy time, some younger mothers approached her, asking if she would meet with them once a month.  They wanted encouragement and advice about parenting.  My friend thought, Why would they want to come to meet with me, after all the mistakes I’ve made?  What do I have to offer them?


However, she knew what Titus 2 says about older, godly women influencing younger women, because as a young mother she had been mentored by an older woman.  Young women need mentoring and encouragement from more mature women who have walked the same path, even if they too have stumbled a few times along the way.


You may have to do a little prayerful searching for a mentor.  Ask God to help you spot someone who’s just ahead of your season in life and can counsel you from her experience.  Your church family is the best place to start.  The main point is to find someone who has established a track record of walking with God.


Take the initiative to ask if you can phone her or meet her for coffee or lunch.  Tell her you’ll bring the questions—all she needs to do is listen and share with you.  Assure her she doesn’t even need to know all the answers; all you need is her time and perspective.


If someone happens to ask you to take on the role of mentor, don’t resist the opportunity.  Wives, mothers and singles don’t need help from a Superwoman—they need a friend who has walked some distance in their shoes.  I’ll always be grateful for those women who helped me in my early years as a wife and a mother.


“Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge” (Proverbs 32:12).


Mentoring doesn’t have to be a formal meeting or arrangement.  It can be a lifestyle situation.  It’s as simple as spending time with someone you’re committed to praying for and encouraging.  Keep your eyes open to these rewarding opportunities.


By Vonette Bright, adapted from My Heart in His Hands


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