Vonette Bright

Their fathers were ministers.  They were students at a private Christian college.  They were in love.  And they were sexually involved.


“In the arms of this man, I thought I’d found love.” Sydna said.  As they pursued their relationship, the unexpected happened.  Sydna became pregnant at nineteen years of age.


“After I walked through the [clinic] doors and they told me I was pregnant, I was faced with a choice.  Here I was—a boyfriend who was unsupportive, who said he’d leave me, walk away; a mother who’d been through a traumatic divorce, who I know would’ve been shamed; …and a baby I was carrying that I loved.  Faced with these odds, stacked in this corner, I chose the one option I thought would erase my mistake.  But it erased nothing.”


As she walked up the steps to the abortion clinic, she sensed the Holy Spirit saying, “Don’t do this.”  But she went on.  Sydna asked the abortion counselor, “Will this affect me psychologically?”


“Oh, no,” said the counselor, “it will make your problem go away; it will make your life easier.”


Sydna will be the first to tell you that it was a lie.  The abortion did affect her for many years, emotionally and physically.  In a Bible study for women who’ve been through abortions, Sydna dealt with the issues in her life, discovering the assurance of God’s forgiveness and learning to forgive herself.


Today Sydna manages the Crisis Pregnancy Center Ministry of Focus on the Family.  It provides resources for more than three thousand crisis pregnancy centers across the country.


Sydna encourages women to remember that there’s no sin God won’t forgive.  However, you may need help forgiving yourself.  God, through His people, will compassionately and lovingly help you deal with it.


Friend, that’s a God of love and mercy.  Turn to Him today.


“I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions, for My own sake, and remembers your sins no more” (Isaiah 43:25).


By Vonette Bright

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