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I like Thelma Wells’ description of a bumblebee.  She tells about the insect at the Outrageous Joy conferences, a conference for women held around the United States. Thelma says that, aerodynamically speaking, bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly.  Their bodies are too heavy for their narrow wingspan.  But the bumblebee doesn’t know it can’t fly...
fish with masks
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Who Are You?

The citizens of Pompeii, in Italy, were living the normal ebb and flow of life until the sudden eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius buried the city in lava one summer day in a.d. 79. Years later, when excavators were unearthing the city, they found the Pompeiians...
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Put on the Armor of God

Our glorious Savior wants us to live a supernatural life of victory over Satan and his schemes. Scrip­ture explains the protection Christ offers by comparing it to a Roman soldier’s armor...
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The Power of an Imperfect Dad

My dad is one of my greatest heroes.  Not because he was perfect, he wasn’t.  Not because he was successful, though he was.  Not because he taught me to fly fish, though he did.  No, his hero status was born in his imperfection and grew as...
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Walk the Talk for Your Children's Sake

Nancy’s two little boys were terrified by sirens.  Whenever they heard an ambulance or a fire truck, their faces filled with fear. One day...
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Game Changer: Explo '72

"Bill," he said, "I think you should do it." This was the birth of an idea which later became one of the most tremendous events in the history of our movement....
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Operation Alternative

It was the fall of 1970 at the University of Texas when God provided an incredible opportunity....
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Berkeley--A New Kind of Revolution

In 1967, Berkeley was synonymous with worldwide student riots, demonstrations and radical movements of all kinds...
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When Your Well Is Dry

I had no words.  It’s hard to write if you have no words.  Sometimes God allows circumstances in our life that suck us dry. Not the cracked and dead dry, but the “I have nothing left over” dry....