Brad Bright |

Still Changing the World...and Me

“The primary characteristic of the next revival in America will be love.” Those were Bill Bright's words. It’s been 19 years, to the day, since my dad graduated from this life into eternity. I believe God is now setting the stage for the next great revival in America. Dad saw it coming.  The cultural angst is driving American culture to the breaking point...
Bill Bright |

Three Words Turned the World Upside Down

....To me, those are the three most beautiful words ever written.  They are the three words that turned the world upside-down, that transform all sadness into joy and all defeat into victory.  No other three words could be so simple, so profound, so powerful...
light house
Bill Bright |

The Battle We Must Win

Have you ever watched the professional demolition of a multistory building? Dynamite is placed in strategic spots inside the structure. Seconds after the detonator is pressed, the building implodes, falling into a surprisingly small pile of rubble...
worried woman
Vonette Bright |

Overcome the Aftershocks

Nothing in Lori’s upbringing prepared her for this.  She was in a state of shock and was gripped by fear.  Nighttime was unbearable.  Every noise terrified her.  She was desperately seeking anything that would bring security...
dad holding hands
Bill Bright |

How does God feel when...?

"While he was still a long distance away, his father saw him coming.  Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him.”  (Luke 5:20) No matter how long I live, I will always be deeply moved by that verse.  It tells me all I need to know about the loving heart of my Lord...
Vonette Bright |

True Liberty

Several years ago, my friend Ney Bailey was traveling in a country where Christianity is strictly forbidden.  For decades, its citizens have been under the thumb of a hostile, controlling government...
yellow flowers
Bill Bright |

Can you truly love your enemy?

Love can be polarizing.  True, pure Christ-like love makes some people angry.  Jesus’ love for sinners got Him crucified.  Loving your enemies can be dangerous – especially today.  Yet loving our enemies is what God calls us to do.  Bill Bright wrote about how one man’s story…
Brad Bright |

Segregation of Church and State

“America is faced with the greatest crisis in its history. We are in danger of losing our nation, and our God-given freedoms to those who disdain the God of our nation’s founders. If that should happen, our opportunity to help fulfill the Great Commission throughout the United States and the world could also be lost.” –Bill Bright. If we are to keep our religious freedoms secure, we would do well to...
behind bars
Vonette Bright |

Peace in Despair

Dark and dirty and housing almost seven thousand inmates, the 300-year-old Russian prison was a picture of despair. As Ward approached cell number sixteen, a very small metal flap was unlocked by the guard.  Immediately, a face appeared.  “The face stunned me,” Ward said...