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Bill Bright |

What Is A Great White Shark Afraid Of?

The “Moses sole” is a small, innocent-looking flatfish that thrives around the Red Sea...contains a life-preserving de­fense against one of the deadliest life forms on earth: the great white shark...
Vonette Bright |

The Part You Play

Have you ever wondered how God really wants you to serve?  First, you need a willing spirit. Read Lynne’s story.  Fresh out of college, she eagerly told God, “Use me, Lord!”... 
Brad Bright |

Easter and Science: What Three Words Bind Them Together Forever?

Has anyone ever said to you, “I don’t believe in God; I believe in Science,” as though science and God are somehow incompatible? ...what can you do today to help ensure you never hear those words come out of the mouth of your child as...
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Vonette Bright |

"Eternity" by Jesus

...Once when Glenn was on an airplane, he noticed the perfume a flight attendant was wearing.  It was a pleasant fragrance.  He thought it might be nice for his wife.  So he said to the flight attendant, “May I ask what perfume you’re wearing?”...
cross and butterfly
Bill Bright |

Perfect Judge and Perfect Savior!

The wretched, shackled prisoner trembled with fear as he stood before the imposing bench of the toughest, fairest judge in the district. “You have been found guilty,” the judge solemnly announced. Courtroom observers held their breath, waiting for what they were sure was to come...
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Brad Bright |

Cancer, Me and GOD

Normally, I don’t talk about personal stuff with people outside of trusted family and close friends. I grew up in a “fishbowl” so I learned to guard my privacy with a winsome smile, nuanced words, and strategic deflection. However, God told me talk about what I am going through right now. So, here goes...
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Vonette Bright |

Don't Give Up!

Florence Chadwick was a seasoned long-distance swimmer who, in 1952, set out to swim the channel between Catalina Island and the California coast.  She had many obstacles to overcome that July day.  The shark-infested water was incredibly cold.  The fog was so thick she could barely see the boats alongside her....
Bill Bright |

The Great Puzzle of Life

...Submitting to God’s sovereignty can be compared to putting together a billion-piece picture puzzle. History is like that giant picture. Now imagine that you...
Brad Bright |

Bill Bright's Quiet Sacrifice

“Apart from a direct calling from God, any man who was gone from his family as much as I, would be in sin.”  My dad, Bill Bright, who traveled 80% of the time during my growing up years, imparted that to me after I got married and started a family