behind bars
Vonette Bright |

Peace in Despair

Dark and dirty and housing almost seven thousand inmates, the 300-year-old Russian prison was a picture of despair. As Ward approached cell number sixteen, a very small metal flap was unlocked by the guard.  Immediately, a face appeared.  “The face stunned me,” Ward said...
Vonette Bright |

A President and a Pauper – the Power of Kindness

Frances Green never dreamed she would be invited to the White House.  She was eighty-three years old and lived alone in San Francisco on a small, fixed income.  One day, to her utter surprise and delight, she received an elegant invitation to come to the White House...
Bill Bright |

Karl Marx, Martin Luther, God and You

We can trace all our human problems to our view of God- even the problems we're facing today. A contrast in two lives from history illustrates the different outcomes that result from a wrong and a right view of God...
boy thinking
Bill Bright |

You Are What You Think

As a man thinketh… “Every day in every way I am becoming better and better,” declared the French philosopher Emile Coué.  But it is said that he committed suicide. Positive thinking by a nonbeliever without a biblical basis is often an exercise in futility...
Vonette Bright |

Are You Listening?

Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who was clearly not listening to a word you were saying? A friend tells about...
cross and butterfly
Bill Bright |

The Spiritual Revolution is Coming!

I personally believe that, when a revival comes to the United States—not if, but when revival comes—it will give courage to believers all over the world, which will help to accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission throughout the world….  Of course, all of that will be preceded, in my opinion, by a spiritual revolution in this country....
Brad Bright |

Is the Constitution King?

Most followers of Jesus in America are confused about their role as citizens of the United States and their obligations to government, not because they don’t understand God’s command, but because they have not deeply considered the implications of God’s command within the context of a constitutional republic....
old house
Vonette Bright |

Infinite Security: Lesson from a Homeless Family

Many people never think they will end up in a homeless shelter.  Edmond was one such person.  After the construction company where he had worked folded, Edmond worked part-time at a grocery store while his wife, Shirley, cleaned houses.  Even so, they soon started falling behind on house payments...
head in sand
Based on writings of Bill Bright |

Is your head in the sand?

As a young man my dad was a materialist and humanist. Success in life was measured by the accumulation of material possessions, honors, applause, and the praise of men.   The drive to succeed influenced everything he did and it was paying off...