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Bill Bright |

A Young Boy's Courage

...A Japanese schoolboy once showed his courage in a way that puts many of us to shame. “He belonged to a school in Nagasaki containing 150 boys, and he was the only Christian among them all.  He brought his lunch to school, as he lived at a distance, and he dared to fold his hands and ask a blessing every day before he ate....
russian woman
Vonette Bright |

She Never Gave Up

For seventy-five years, communism held a stifling grip on Russia.  In this atheistic period, others could not tell their children about God and His great love without facing severe consequences.  But while God did not have a place in the hearts of the new generations, He was not entirely forgotten....
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Bill Bright |

Rescued From Darkness

A famous general invited me to his office.  He was hungry for God and eager to become a Christian.  Yet as we counseled together, he seemed reluctant to pray.  I inquired as to his reluctance, and he said, “I don’t understand myself....
old man
Vonette Bright |

Lessons From An Old Man

With her Bible before her, Carolyn bent over a table in a bookstore.  She was engrossed in the prayer she was writing in her journal.  Then she heard a barely audible voice.  She glanced up to see a very old man standing over her.  She noticed that his wrinkled clothes didn’t match....
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...Although he had no doubt heard the stories of God’s intervention during Nebuchadnezzar’s earlier reign, Belshazzar refused to acknowledge God. He was too entrenched in his materialistic, hedonistic lifestyle. Suddenly the drunken revelers sobered as fingers of a human hand appeared and wrote on the wall of the royal palace....
Vonette Bright |

A Cup of Tea and a Soldier

It was four o’clock in the morning when nine soldiers with machine guns burst into the home of my friends serving Christ in their native Middle Eastern country. The soldiers ransacked every room looking for evidence of Christian ministry. Unbelievably, the terrified woman offered to serve the soldiers tea....
Bill Bright |

He Hears Our Cries

Some time ago Nancy DeMoss, who with her beloved husband.  Art (one of my dearest friends), had launched a fruitful ministry to executives, called to share an exciting experience.  It had been raining all day...
Vonette Bright |

Day By Day

Stress. It’s the leading cause of many physical and emotional problems in these busy modern times.  Even for Christians. Eric suffers from stress periodically.... 
Bill Bright |

Anything You Ask

...A godly widow with six children was facing great stress.  The family had eaten their last loaf of bread at the evening meal.  The next morning, with no food in the house the trusting mother set seven plates on the table....