Vonette Bright |

A Cup of Tea and a Soldier

It was four o’clock in the morning when nine soldiers with machine guns burst into the home of my friends serving Christ in their native Middle Eastern country. The soldiers ransacked every room looking for evidence of Christian ministry. Unbelievably, the terrified woman offered to serve the soldiers tea....
Bill Bright |

He Hears Our Cries

Some time ago Nancy DeMoss, who with her beloved husband.  Art (one of my dearest friends), had launched a fruitful ministry to executives, called to share an exciting experience.  It had been raining all day...
Vonette Bright |

Day By Day

Stress. It’s the leading cause of many physical and emotional problems in these busy modern times.  Even for Christians. Eric suffers from stress periodically.... 
Bill Bright |

Anything You Ask

...A godly widow with six children was facing great stress.  The family had eaten their last loaf of bread at the evening meal.  The next morning, with no food in the house the trusting mother set seven plates on the table....
Vonette Bright |

Despair No More

For most children, every day is filled with carefree adventure.  But tragically for some, life is bound with pain, fear, and disappointment. That’s the way it was for Adam....
Bill Bright |

Don't Forget the Secret!

When you became a Christian, you may have thought that receiving Christ would be the end to your problems. That you would now win over temptation and sin, experience moment-by-moment happiness, handle life’s hassles with ease. But it wasn’t that easy, was it? ...
Vonette Bright |

Responding to Suffering

Everyone suffers in life at one time or another, but it’s our response to the suffering that matters.  It determines whether we’ll be bitter or better....
cross and Bible
Bill Bright |

The Mind of Christ

The first thing I do when I awaken each morning is to kneel before my Lord n humility, meditate upon His attributes, and praise, worship and adore Him. The last thing I do...
Vonette Bright |

Her Neighbor

James Byran Smith tells this story in his wonderful book, Embracing the Love of God. At first, the call was a bit mysterious.  Though the voice sounded familiar, it had been a long time since James had heard it....