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No Fishing!

One day, two children got into big trouble!  The older child, Kelly, was given scissors to cut flowers for the table.  Her little brother went along to watch....
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The Power of Your Smile

At a London train station one day, a woman was stopped by an elderly man. “Excuse me, ma’am,” he said, “but I want to thank you for something.” “Thank me!” the women exclaimed. “Yes’m, I used to be...
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It Is Not I

St. Augustine’s influence on Christianity has been immense. Perhaps his influence is all the more powerful when you consider the struggles he had in his life....
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Have you ever made a resolution that changed your life?  I did.... 
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Satan's Plan for Your Life

Over the years, Satan has come at me with many of these temptations. It is humbling and sobering to know that, even after almost fifty years as a Christian, I am susceptible to any one of the enemy’s tactics if I do not rely totally on God’s loving power moment by moment. The conflict between the two kingdoms is a strong one and the attraction to Satan’s kingdom is real.
king cobra
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Letting Go of a King Cobra

In his book A View from the Zoo, Gary Richmond, pastor and former zookeeper, described the day he received a telephone call from the head veterinarian.  They needed to perform surgery on the eyelids of a king cobra....
Bill Bright |

Sequoias, the President and a Garbage Collector

The Grizzly Giant tree—the largest of the sequoias—is more than 2,500 years old. One would think that trees this large and ancient must have massive root systems that plunge hundreds of feet into the earth. How­ever...
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Encouraging Others

A friend of mine has six children, including two highschoolers, living at home.  At times she has felt overwhelmed, as if her parenting responsibilities were about to crash in around her....
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The Face of Forgiveness

Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper, has captivated millions of viewers for hundreds of years.  This fifteenth-century Italian skillfully captured the facial expressions of Jesus and His disciples.  There’s an interesting story behind those faces...