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A young boy approached Ada Duhigg after the meeting.  His big brown eyes stared pleadingly into hers, “Ma’am, if I’m really, really good will god be happy with me and turn my black skin white?” How did this dear child of God come to believe that his skin color was a punishment?  He had been hoodwinked by...
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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, our President, Congressmen, CEO’s, teachers and preachers were children.  During the first 13 years of their lives the foundation upon which every decision they make today was laid.  Their moral compass was established and their view of the world and of God was formed....
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My Boys, a Famous Coach, and My Dilemma

Just as we were ready to leave, a famous coach—who had traveled across the country to California to participate in the New Year’s Day Rose Bowl game—arrived at Arrowhead Springs unannounced.  He had driven all the way from Pasadena just to chat with me. I faced a real dilemma....
Wheat Field
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When Should Christians "Get Political"?

Our country is tearing itself apart. Even within the Church brother battles brother over what we should and should not do...
old man
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The Doctor and 'Neckerchief'

...One day he held the door open for Neckerchief, a stiff-walking man in his eighties.  Shuffling by, Neckerchief pointed down to his knees and said, “The hinges are rusty.”  A wonderful friendship began....
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The Spider and Robert Bruce

Robert Bruce, the famous emancipator of Scotland, was fleeing from his enemies.  He sought refuge in a cave. Hot on his trail, his enemies reached his hideout where they saw...
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What does God want for you?

Whatever your situation may be, the truth of God’s great love for us is irresistible. I assure you that God wants you to have…
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I like Thelma Wells’ description of a bumblebee.  She tells about the insect at the Outrageous Joy conferences, a conference for women held around the United States. Thelma says that, aerodynamically speaking, bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly.  Their bodies are too heavy for their narrow wingspan.  But the bumblebee doesn’t know it can’t fly...
fish with masks
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Who Are You?

The citizens of Pompeii, in Italy, were living the normal ebb and flow of life until the sudden eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius buried the city in lava one summer day in a.d. 79. Years later, when excavators were unearthing the city, they found the Pompeiians...