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Bill Bright |

Trusting Means Safety

The number one barrier to witnessing in the Christian life is the fear of man.  Think of the contradiction.  It never occurs to the average Christian that not to witness is to disobey God, and the consequences can be devastating to his spiritual life.  Therefore, the average Christian risks offending God for the fear of offending man....
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Vonette Bright |

Why is the First Law the First Law?

One morning at 2 a.m., several women and I were in a downstairs room of our home typing a draft of “God’s Plan” to be used for a presentation the following day.  Bill had gone to bed because he faced a full schedule in the morning.  Suddenly, he came running down the stairs...
heart in hands
Bill Bright |

You Haven't Really Lived Until...

You often hear this phrase in ads or from people you know claiming that you have not truly ex­perienced life until you have driven a particular car, vacationed in some exotic locale, or in­dulged in a certain delicious dessert. But are these earthly pleasures really what pro­duce true, meaningful life? Jenny, a happy five-year-old with bouncy, blond curls, was...
Vonette Bright |

His Strength

The pressure was tremendous.  A looming deadline at work weighed heavily on Ginger and she prayed she would make it in time. Have you ever been in the middle of a prayer and suddenly...
Bill Bright |

How to Avert Disaster!

At thirty-six seconds past 4:00a.m. on March 28, 1979, a deadly chain reaction erupted.  The Metropolitan Edison’s Three Mile Island power plant near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was in trouble when the normal flow of cooling water to the reactor core was accidentally stopped....
Kathy Bright |

Holmes on Homes and Jesus on Homes

Everyone loved her parties and so it was no wonder that on a warm summer day her balcony became a popular gathering area for a party no one would ever forget. The newly built balcony groaned silently under the weight of unsuspecting guests....
Vonette Bright |

The Partner

In 1903, with a little experience in dairy products, a young man moved to Chicago to start a business.  If he could put his cheese-making theories to work, he knew he would turn a profit.  To get started, he bought cheese from a manufacturer to sell....
Bill Bright |

Why You Want God to be Righteous

For God, righteousness is not an external standard that He must adhere to; righteousness is part of His very nature. It emanates from His inner being. As a result, whatever God wills is perfectly right. It is impossible for God to do anything wrong...
Vonette Bright |

Is Work a Good Thing?

Where do you work?  Perhaps in an office, at a construction site, or at home with your children.  No matter where we are, we all have work to do...