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Holmes on Homes and Jesus on Homes

Everyone loved her parties and so it was no wonder that on a warm summer day her balcony became a popular gathering area for a party no one would ever forget. The newly built balcony groaned silently under the weight of unsuspecting guests....
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A young boy approached Ada Duhigg after the meeting.  His big brown eyes stared pleadingly into hers, “Ma’am, if I’m really, really good will god be happy with me and turn my black skin white?” How did this dear child of God come to believe that his skin color was a punishment?  He had been hoodwinked by...
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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, our President, Congressmen, CEO’s, teachers and preachers were children.  During the first 13 years of their lives the foundation upon which every decision they make today was laid.  Their moral compass was established and their view of the world and of God was formed....
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The Power of an Imperfect Dad

My dad is one of my greatest heroes.  Not because he was perfect, he wasn’t.  Not because he was successful, though he was.  Not because he taught me to fly fish, though he did.  No, his hero status was born in his imperfection and grew as...
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When Your Well Is Dry

I had no words.  It’s hard to write if you have no words.  Sometimes God allows circumstances in our life that suck us dry. Not the cracked and dead dry, but the “I have nothing left over” dry.... 
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What Keeps Satan "Up" at Night?

God is All-Powerful. Sometimes I have to stop and think about that reality. It’s so easy to be caught up in the daily challenges of life and become overwhelmed by the powerful forces dragging our culture down...
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Have you ever made a resolution that changed your life?  I did.... 
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Problems of our own making... No problem for God!

My husband, Brad, was speaking at a church. Part of his message included the statement:  When you understand who God really is, you realize you don’t have problems-- you just have opportunities to see God work.

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Thankful for Laundry...?

A friend of mine posted on her Facebook page that she was looking at a mountain of laundry on her bed and was thanking God for it.