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Family Mystery Night ... Mystery Dinner

PREPARATION: Prepare your Mystery dinner or send out for any type of food you'd like to serve. Be sure that no one knows what the menu will be.

When everyone is at the table, blind fold one person and bring out one dinner item. Let him/her taste it and guess what it is. Everyone can give hints until the person guesses correctly. Continue with the next person and another dinner item until all the items are on the table. Enjoy the food and talk about how each person figured out what he/she tasted.

  • What prevented them from knowing what was for dinner?
    (It was kept secret and the blind fold prevented it from being seen.)
  • What helped figure it out?
    (Sense of smell, taste, texture, & hints.)

God has given us amazing abilities to figure out mysteries but He never has to solve a mystery. No one can keep a secret from Him and no one can blind fold Him. He knows it all.

Mystery Game:

Play a mystery game such as "Clue" (there are some versions designed for younger children), or a guessing game. "Trivial Pursuit" or "Bible Trivia" will also work for older children.

  • What does it take to win the game?
  • If you had God on your team what difference would it make?
    (God enjoys seeing us have fun with games, but there would be no contest if He played with us!!! He knows every answer!)
  • If we could see God sitting with us right now, what would you want to ask Him?

This week we're going to discover what it means for God to know everything. Let's ask Him to help us find the answer to your question!



For other "hands on" activities, see Bonus Activities for God Knows Everything.


"We know someone who knows the answers to all of life's questions."
- Bill Bright, Discover God


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